Friday, November 21, 2008


What is wrong with this economy?

I mean, everyday the stock market gets lower and lower - more and more people lose their jobs and prices keep going higher and higher.

Are we seeing a new depression?

I think so. I predict it's going to get much worse.

PS - For those auto executives that want bailouts - next time try showing up in a commercial jet rather than a private one - kinda hard to believe that you really need the money when you live like kings.


Anonymous said...

Well I am here to tell you your right. I work for a company which I will not name where I get a little inside info on the economy. It is going to get much worse before it gets better. According to my sources more jobs will be lost during all of 2009 and gradually start to pick up in the last half of 2010 maybe. But it is going to be a very slow process. I agree with you the Motown 3 should have taken commercial flight's.It was very tacky to show up in private planes to ask for bail out money. Even one of the CEO's wife's showed up in a separate private plane. They should NOT get any money from anyone let them figure it out on their own.


Let em shake their tits for cash!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all said,they knew this was coming,they had years to figure things out but just kept living the hight life and couldn't care less about the guys and gals on the line.There hubris will be there own undoing. Let them sink back into the ooze they came from.In the meantime it's gonna suck for alot of us. If I had your lovely set of tata's Bertha,I would shake them..instead I took a job taking care of a recovering stroke patient. We gots to do what we gots to do,so my mother told me! susang


Honey these "tata's" as you so kindly put em...have paid for my fab condo here on Vegas on lights alley. Thank god I got my tits! What I meant was those stepford wives of the big 3 should have to go and shake their tits in the worst part of mowtown!'....and "use that" for their bailout! Who'd wanna see those saggy MM?


saggy tits are the worst. yuk.