Monday, April 30, 2007


With the Republican candidates slightly ahead in the polls, I think it's time to dissect these flip floppers.

Let's start with Giuliani (that's him in the photo above). He was a social Nazi when he ran NYC, and he helped destroy much of its bohemian charms, which paved the way for the Connecticut cunts and the Disney land feel of Times Square. And let's not forget how in a Hitler-esque way he tried to stop an art exhibit that featured a Virgin Mary constructed of cow dung.

Can anyone say free speech?

But he did have his good points: He marched in every gay pride parade; and when "Victor Victoria" was on Broadway, he dragged himself up in a wig and a dress for charity. And when his wife found out about Judi, he moved in with a gay couple. Oh, and he was pro-choice.

Now all of a sudden, he's telling the Christian right he would put conservative judges on the bench - meaning anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage.

Can anyone say flip-flop?

Ok, let's move on to flip flopper John McCain. In 2000, he called Jerry Falwell and others hate mongers "voices of intolerance".

Well, he's now giving speeches at Christian colleges.

Sure, he's a war hero, but is being a war hero something to be proud of? I'm not making judgments, just asking. Also, he's a hundred years old and all crippled up from his war injuries and can barely walk - I'm sorry, but in these times of terror, I want a president who can run as well as walk.

And finally, the one I depise the most is Mitt Romney. For starters, he's a Mormon. I'm sorry, but I've seen "Big Love" on HBO and these people are just plain crazy. I mean, this freak is against everything - abortion, stem cell research, gay marriage, civil unions and even domestic partner benefits!

This one scares me almost as much as George W. Bush.

Friday, April 27, 2007


There is a new phenomenon in Manhattan - the straight gay man.

Let me explain:

I'm not talking about the phony and ridiculous straight "Chelsea boys" with their tattoos and shaved heads who prance about like ballerinas while professing they are straight acting and appearing. NO NO NO!

I'm talking about straight men that actually like playing sports, drinking beer and hanging out with their buds. I mean, they have girlfriends, wives and kids, but they also like a little dick on the side. I've been reading about these men on sex sites for months, but I thought they were an urban myth like alligators in the sewers...until yesterday.

I was on a shoot for a fitness magazine; and I thought the model was straight as an arrow - he talked non-stop about his girlfriend and the "game" on the tube. He also kept complimenting me on my skin and my surgically enhanced lips. Hmmm...I thought.... let’s play this one out. I told him I had some acne cream he could use, but it was at my apartment.

He called and is coming over tomorrow to watch the game.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, I knew it was too good to last.

I'm talking about Rosie on The View.

Thanks to America's scariest lesbian, she turned a 10-year old snorefest into something worth watching. I mean, even if you hated her far left views, you have to agree that she made the show entertaining.

Who knows why she left...I don't think she was fired, because the ratings and reviews were superb. My guess is that the brass at ABC asked her to tone it down, but zillionaire Rosie said no dice.

I'll miss you Rosie.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Ipods cause many problems from accidents to sore ear drums. Well, now add farts to that list of problems.

Let me explain.

I was at Crunch tonight sweating it out on the bike, when the rider next to me let out a series of disgusting farts.

No, I don't like fart jokes, and this ain't no joke. This guy had on his ipod, so he probably thought he could sneak out a little one. Well, honey, he squirted out a couple that were so loud I think Helen Keller heard them. I mean, heads turned.

So, dear ipod users, please remember that just because you don't hear your bodily noises, others do.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


I was out late Saturday night having coffee - an iced decaf soy latte with Splenda - when I heard the funniest thing.

One friend asked another:

"What celebrity do you most admire."

The friend answered without missing a beat:

"Oprah - because it's amazing someone so evil does so much good in the world."

I laughed myself silly.

Friday, April 20, 2007


A few weeks back, I ran into Joel Grey and his “Dirty Dancing” nose-jobbed-herself-out-of-a job daughter Jennifer on Christopher Street. I mean, Mr. Grey and his impish face are hard to miss. I guess I was staring a tad too hard, because he stuck out his hand and introduced himself. I mumbled a few star struck words and I was on my way, but it got me to thinking of Mr. Grey’s Oscar-winning role in Cabaret; and what a landmark film it was.

Although Cabaret is 25 years old, it is as fresh and reverent in 2007 as it was in 1972. Filmed by famed Broadway director Bob Fosse, his Broadway meets Hollywood mish mash style is all the rage today, but in 1972 it was quite new. I mean, his eerie meandering cinematography is a mesmerizing visual visit to a 1930's Berlin that is both haunting and disturbingly beautiful.

The movie is based on a short story from Christopher Isherwood’s brilliant memoir Berlin Stories. The plot is simple: A collection of social misfits – gays, transsexuals, Jews, performers, drunks, gold diggers – that live their lives in and around a decadent cabaret. As the characters smile and cry amidst the poverty and ruin of post World War 1 Germany, Hitler and his Nazis are slowly gaining political strength that will forever change the social landscape – the divine innocence would soon be gone.

The film won eight Oscars. Unfortunately, like many classic films, the actors that embodied the roles so brilliantly were forever pigeonholed. Liza Minnelli, now considered a haggard media joke, so embodied the part of Sally Bowles it stunted her career. But no matter how many gay men she weds or how many Letterman jokes she becomes, her Oscar winning portrayal is pure genius and can never be denied her.

As Cher - another fallen Oscar winner - recently said to her hecklers …”Fuck you, I’ve got an Oscar.”

Rent or buy Cabaret – it’s not only a visual treat, but also a slice of history that is educational, thought provoking and wildly entertaining.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


When is America going to wake-up and pass a tough gun control law? These mass killings are happening so frequently, I'm kinda numb to the whole thing - and that's not good.

I mean, how many people have to die?

And what does this say about Bush and his republican cronies who champion the right to carry a gun? It's no secret the gun lobby in Washington is one of the strongest lobbies in history - and that's criminal!

I ask these gun fanatics: Why do you feel the need to carry a gun?

Condi (Cunti) Rice champions the right to bear arms by claiming her grandfather saved his family from the Klan with his gun. Oh, please - what bullshit. If the Klan wanted to nail her grandpa, believe me, one black man with a gun would not have stopped them. But that's the argument these gun kooks use - guns will protect us. Well, every study in every country has found the opposite to be true - the more guns a society has, the more guns a society will use.

Wake up America.


What is the big fucking deal if John Edwards wants to shell out $400 on a haircut? I mean, does anyone mention the price Hillary or Laura or Georgie or Condi pay for his or her cuts and colors?

I think not.

Trust me, the rich are just different – and that doesn’t make them bad – and $400 to the rich is like $40 to you or I.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Thank goodness, Minnesota has come to its senses and voted to penalize Muslim cabdrivers that refuse to transport airport passengers with guide dogs or passengers with unopened bottles of liquor.

Of course, the towelheads are up in arms and claiming religious discrimination.

I say: FUCK YOU.

If one takes a public service job such as a taxi driver, one must pick up the public. I mean, numerous passengers were dumped at the side of the road in questionable neighborhoods after the driver became aware that the passenger was transporting liquor.

America only needs to look across the pond to England to see what occurs when the Muslims are left unchecked.

I applaud my home state.

But it doesn't end there - read this amazing and informative article printed in the Minneapolis Star/Tribune, which is normally as liberal as liberal gets. The article details how Muslims have websites dedicated to bending entire colleges to their religious ways. Several colleges have already buckled under the pressure and are now catering to Muslims - Muslim holidays, head scarves for women, halal food at cafeterias, separate housing for Muslim women, separate times at the gym for Muslims - at the expense of other religions. Truly shocking. Read the article - copy and paste to your browser.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I’m glad that Don Imus was fired – what he said about the hoop girls was despicable. I mean, he should have been fired just for sporting that awful hair style.

But one thing does bother me – I would hate for his firing to be seen as a feather in Al Sharpton’s hat.

I see Al Sharpton as not only a troublemaker, but also a hypocritical one at that.

Let’s not forget he has gone on record as calling the raped-and-left-for dead Central Park Jogger a “whore” because she said her attackers were black.

Let’s not forget that he has called Jews “diamond merchants” and gays ‘homos”.

Let’s not forget that Sharpton led a protest in Harlem concerning a rent dispute that led/encouraged a man to enter the building and kill himself and seven others.

Let’s not forget his involvement in the lies of the Tawana Brawley case in which he labeled several white officers guilty of the crime - only to discover little Miss Tawana made the whole thing up. He has NEVER apologized to any of these men.

I’m just calling them as I see them dawg.

Friday, April 13, 2007


I was in Minneapolis this past week, and amidst the fat and fashion challenged folks, I discovered yet another disgusting element in the cornfield - the preferential treatment of Muslims.

Let me explain:

In the state of Minnesota, it is against the law to display religious themed holiday paraphernalia or to discuss or show any religious preference whatsoever. This past holiday season, numerous crosses, Christmas trees and menorahs were removed from public places - even a coffee selling pushcart was forced to stop broadcasting holiday themed music. In other words, no element of Judaism or Christianity is allowed to exist in public.

OK, that sounds cool to me - I don’t like to see religious things in public either.

But now I am shocked to learn that the University of Minnesota and other public institutions are giving prayer rooms to Muslims complete with foot washing stations.

I mean, what kind of bullshit is this? I guess it’s ok to worship Allah in public, but not Jesus.

But that isn’t the half of it.

Just weeks ago, Muslim cab drivers at the airport were refusing to transfer blind travelers with guide dogs or travelers with liquor, thus leaving many people stranded. Next, it was reported that some Muslim cashiers were refusing to scan or touch pork items. Apparently, dog spit, booze and pork are against the Muslim religion, but killing infidels is not.

I hate to pull an Ann Coulter here…but if you don’t like it here or can’t abide by our customs, get the fuck out.

I can’t imagine an American going to an Arab country, and after taking full advantage of the lucrative welfare system – free food stamps, free healthcare, free rent – start demanding special religious privileges in public environments.

I’m sorry, but this is just fucked up.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I love dogs – I don’t love barking dogs.

Let me explain:

I live in a rear apartment in the East Village, which is normally very quiet. When I moved into the building over a decade ago, the neighborhood was home to a strong bohemian culture. However, since the Nazi-enforced Giuliani clean-up program, rich Connecticut cunts and Jersey jack-offs in True Religion jeans and Balanciaga handbags have moved in.

I mean, they walk around the neighborhood as if they own it.

Sadly, in reality, they do.

Over the past few years, these “bought-and-paid-for” fashionistas have bought up many of the smaller buildings and turned them into grand homes with suburban decks complete with hot tubs and bikini-clad girls.

One such uptown turned downtown dork spent months noisily constructing a three-season porch, which he uses for loud parties in the summer. OK, I can deal with that. Never mind that this noise travels upwards and affects hundreds of people in the hundreds of apartments surrounding his three-season porch.

Recently, this asshole purchased two large dogs that bark nonstop in his backyard. The surrounding neighbors have screamed from their windows etc…to no avail – and yes, while we are on the topic, the rich do think they are better.

After much thought and barking nights, I decided to take a page from a Seinfeld script.

I wrote a note to the asshole and explained that the barking dogs were disturbing – I then explained in great detail that I could easily throw a raw hamburger ball laced with rat poison into his backyard.

Yes, sometimes you have to be an asshole to fight an asshole.

PS – It’s been quiet ever since.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Dear bloggers, I am in Minneapolis for a few days. A new blog is coming tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Have you ever noticed that people in relationships tend to dress their age and discuss things like stocks, real estate and other grown up stuff, while us singletons - regardless of age – dress like pop stars and gab nonstop about the coolest clubs, the wackiest reality TV shows and our latest fucks?

I think shrinks call this the Peter Pan Syndrome – you know, never wanting to grow up.

The other night I was watching “Six Feet Under” and I was thinking I wanted a life just like David’s when I grew up - and then it dawned on me: I was already older than the character.

I mean, at what age do we give in and age gracefully and start living as grown ups? I don't have the answer, but I do draw the line at 35 year-old men wearing tattered Abercrombie baseball caps.