Saturday, January 03, 2009


A few thoughts.

You know, it seems everyone I meet in Minneapolis is in a coma.

I mean, does anyone have any fun here?

Oh, don't get me wrong, I see plenty of under 25-year-olds having a good time, but God forbid if you are post 25 and want more out of life than screaming kids and Khaki pleated trousers.

What I love about New York City is folks of all ages are hip, trendy and cool.

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Anonymous said...

Thank god Im back in Milan, 3 weeks there was the way, Chicago was so much fun on New Years, the people were so open and friendly. Fun clubs...It astounds me how chicago is so close and SO FAR away from MSP. Msp has to be one of the most boaring, useless cities (for its size) on earth. And Joe my Italian boyfriend said about Msp, "Now I know not to be jealous of you, there is nothing to do and no one to meet here...and everyone seems ugly". AHMEN!