Tuesday, January 12, 2010


What's the big deal?

Harry Reid only spoke the truth...Obama would never have been elected president if he was dark skinned and talked in ghetto slang.

Grow up - it's the truth.

America is racist - plane and simple.

Several of my racist friends have told me personally that they only voted for Obama because "He's half white - not all black."

Sad, but true.


Baxter said...

What? You have friends?


Not you, darling!

Baxter said...

Well, I'm glad to see you FINALLY got that one figured out.

Baxter said...

Speak for yourself, Victoria.

Baxter said...

Ouch. That Massachusetts verdict must really sting for you idiot lib, socialistic, anti-capitalist, tofu eatin', B Hussain (intentional "A") supporting losers. So I won't rub it in. But isn't it funny how quickly the tides of political dissent change? It was only a year ago that President George W. Bush was being ridiculed for his supposed lack of ability to govern, and talk that the Conservative movement (masked in a Republican package) was dead became "the gospel according to obama". Yet here we are witnessing a complete reversal. Politics is a nasty business, and Obama failed to realize that.

I'm not saying he's stupid. Hell, he might even be almost as smart on the IQ scale as some of our previous Presidents, but he doesn't GET it. You know what I mean?

The other Presidents surrounded themselves with quality people in cabinet posts, and advisory positions. B Hussain chose other ideolouges with the same left-leaning, anti-American bent that he has.

Hey, I got a joke to cheer you poor hypocritical fuckers up:

Q: Why do niggers use forks when they eat tootsie rolls?

A: So they don't bite thier fingers!

HAHAHA! That's a good one; I know.

But back to the lecture. Like I said before, politics is nasty. AND it's fickle. So who knows what could happen in 2012? I think the 2010 senatorial elections are pretty much decided right now (Republicans will make great strides in numbers), which will create a "lame duck" President for 2 more years. In that case, we're all saved for the time being. This "health care" fiasco is esentially done. No senator hoping for a political career would dare vote for it now, unless he/she is ultra liberal. In that case, we don't need them anyhow.

Aren't you all glad you have someone as smart as I am to ease your suffering?

You're welcome. Sleep easy.

Anonymous said...

Baxter you are a disgraceful human being. I agree with Victoria you should be shot.

Baxter said...

Hey! Don't kill the messenger! I'm just pointing out the obvious for you blind kool-aid drinkers.

Besides, I thought all you lefties were on the anti-gun wagon. Are we experiencing a little hypocrisy here?

And Victoria: Try some DDT, and a brillo pad. If a rotting corpse can lay in your cunt undetected, you need to look into this matter of personal hygene.

Baxter said...

Like I said: PERSONAL HYGENE. Try it.


Shit, my tits are hard! I've never read anything like this before....MM what kind of people read this blog....I guess it takes all kinds. Meryl Streep was at my table a couple days ago. Who knew she could play so well.....and flirt...!

Anonymous said...

Jesus you have a lot of freakish friends!


I find it disgusting, but strangely entertaining.......but then I love to talk about my tits (which are looking fab!), although, the bodily secretions could be left out!