Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I heard the craziest thing today.

My friend Dana, who just returned from a famine relief mission in Africa, laughingly informed me that one of her co-workers on the trip was anorexic.

Anorexic? I mean, how ironic – a girl helping starving people is she herself starving.

“How did you find this out, “ I asked.

“I was eating a protein bar and I offered her a bite – believe me, she looked like she needed it. She turned me down – she said it was too many carbs.”

Once again, my darlings, truth is always stranger than fiction.


Anonymous said...

Ever heard of the south beach diet?

Being carb conscious is far from Nicole Richie's eating disorder, made fashionable in bad bad taste.

You should know this since you liken yourself to her twin.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of diets, Prince is getting divorced again? Who does that black queen think she's fooling?

I ask you, doesn't Prince look like she's on Nicole Richie's diet?

fletch said...

God MM, anonymous has been all over your ass lately!.....

Jules said...

I agree with Fletch what is with anonymous @9:28am? This person should stop reading your blog if they can't handle it.Or better yet identify themselves so you know who your dealing with.

Anonymous said...

lol @ Fletch! mistermakeup, you can handle it!
luv ya, hun ;)

Aron said...


Personal Trainer NYC :: TW Training NYC said...

i knew prince was banging that tamar !!! bye bye jehovah lololol