Thursday, July 06, 2006


Love doesn't live here anymore – and certainly not in New York City.

From blondes to brunettes, pretty people in Gotham are on a constant search for everlasting love, but somewhere along the Jitney journey to South Hampton, they seem to be content with a pit stop at a sex club.

Why is that I ask?

On my monthly trips to Minneapolis, I am always stunned - no, alarmed - by the numerous happy gay and straight couples and the lack of promiscuous sex. Granted, I find it all boring as hell, but maybe that’s the jaded New Yorker in me. Perhaps, I need to try on a pair of rose-colored glasses and see life in a slightly different hue.

In other words, what is it about big cities that reduces love and intimacy to nothing more than mutual hand jobs in the back of a speeding taxi?


Anonymous said...

NYC will drive anyone insane, I dont regret my 6 years away in the least...However remember....Minny is full of crazy, boaring people......and that makes Love dull, for those who have it as me, I spritzed there for 6 weeks, I know what lurks in the souls of the Minneapolitans....Desperateness!!! Settling for whatever gets them through....Are they happier? In their cocoon probably....but I prefer to be bitter and in do you!

Anonymous said...

bitter is wayyy more fun than dull :)

Claudia said...

Believe me, the wild in those couples comes out in the winter when all they can do is stay inside. The rest of the year they'r probably wishing they were you :-)