Thursday, November 23, 2006


I arrived in Minneapolis the night six Arabs were escorted off a US AIR jet in handcuffs. Apparently, a passenger witnessed the men praying to Allah, as well as cursing America and it's involvement with Iraq; the men also sat in suspicious groups of two on the plane.

The men were questioned, searched and deemed safe. Of course, the men are now playing the victim card and talking lawsuits with several prominent lawyers.

I'm sorry, but If I saw a group of towelheads chanting, moaning and cursing America, I'd damn well alert airport security, too. I say "Bravo" to whomever turned these men in. I witnessed 9/11 firsthand, and I am fully aware what these people are capable of.

I mean, when is America going to wise up and understand that profiling is not a bad thing? If that plane would have exploded in mid-air amidst chants to Allah, everyone in America would have said..."Why didn't anyone say something?"


Anonymous said...

david,we must talk after the holiday,jeff wants to shoot a pilot with you as the host for Logo. Its commentary and issues on a broad range of subjects.keep writing my brilliant boy!!! susan

Anonymous said...

good post. i would have not been too thrilled if i had seen the same thing happening on my flight from los angeles.