Friday, October 19, 2007


Last night, I saw Annie Lennox live in concert. I was seated 5th row dead center - and she did not disappoint. Her soulful clear voice and artful dancing were a real treat.

This being Minneapolis, the crowd was filled with grey-haired old ladies, pudgy and partnered queens and a slew of office drones with Coach bags. I am always shocked how tacky my hometown has become. I mean, I remember the 80's when an event like this would have brought out the fashionistas in droves. Freshly toxed, I looked the youngest in attendance.

After the show, we went to the Saloon and it was "chicken" night and the place was packed with 18 year-old gay boys. Honey, I was not the youngest in attendance.

What a difference crossing the street makes.

And Annie, as much as I love you, you should really rethink sleeveless tops.


Anonymous said...

Don't hate on Annie in sleeveless tops!! She's a grand dame. Would you ask Aretha Franklin to tone it down? Let the divas reign.

mistermakeup said...

Well, I do question Miss Franklin's fashion choices from time to time - but Miss Franklin was never known as a fashion diva like Miss Lennox.

Anonymous said...

Why do I peep 100 year old Dave Stewart footage on jumbo screen?

Did she sing along to 20+ year old recordings?

mistermakeup said...

Well, that was her only lapse in creative judgement - singing along to old videos.

I know the audience likes to hear the oldies, but she should have stayed in the moment and sang them in an updated and reinvented style like Madonna does - although, Madonna's 80's songs are very dated, and Annie's are not, so who knows.

yougnomeme said...

Did she do anyting off of 1984?

mistermakeup said...

No 1984 material - didn't you love the haunting Julia? My favorite off that album.

yougnomeme said...

It is also my favorite from the album.