Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I have tried, Lord knows I have tried, but I just don't like the new line-up of chatty chicks on The View.

Watered-down Whoopie is so boring, she puts me to sleep. I mean, didn't this woman used to be black? She's now so politically correct I think she's a white woman from Long Island.

Sherry Shepherd is so stupid and unaware of news worthy topics that she even makes moron Elizabitch seem smart. I mean, however stupid her opinions are, at least Elizabitch has an opinion.

I miss Rosier days when The View was worth watching. Hate her or love her, Miss Rosie always had an honest heart and mind and wasn't afraid to speak it.


Anonymous said...

Wait, it gets worse. Jessica Simpson
is supposedly convering for Elisabeth when she pops out that baby in November.

Talk about death by blonde boredom.


I miss that crazy rosy! i mean she is crazy, but she is fun.....and between you and me MM, I think she regrets leaving....

Phee-Phee said...

i dont think sherry shepard can even read. i think she's there to clean up after the audience leaves.