Saturday, February 09, 2008


It's been a tough week in my search for love. I mean, it's almost Valentine's Day - the most co-dependent day of the year - and I'm alone.

I started out the week with a cute French man. I met him at a bar, and he said I was cute, so I let him kiss me. I wasn't that turned on by him, but you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, right?

I didn't go home with him.

The next night, I walked by a restaurant and noticed a happy young gay couple having dinner. I could tell they were on a date. It made me sad. I mean, it's been like forever since I've had sex with someone I actually liked.

Maybe I'm going about this all wrong.

Maybe I'm putting the horse before the cart.

I guess my fairy tale isn't about to come true anytime soon.


riftgirl said...

Aaaahhh, dating... I'm not sure if it even matters whether you have sex with somebody as soon as you meet, or hold out for months to try and make sure that a possibility of a relationship actually exists. (Although with the latter, you don't tend to feel "icky" when it's over.) It's all just so challenging. And honestly, I forgot about Valentine's Day coming up. Whoopee!


Who's fairy tale ever comes true? It didnt happen to the wicked witch in snow white, and lets face it...I think we bitches fall into her catagory, and not cinderella...but what does bertha big tits know!

Anonymous said...

Mister Makeup. For the love of God. If you see two men on a date and that makes you SAD, therein lies the problem. You feel like you are excluded from love, and you show it when you wince at the sight of a couple on a date. I know you are a lovely fetching young thing, and IF YOU BOTHERED TO BELIEVE THE SAME THING ABOUT YOURSELF, you would be fighting the men off with a baseball bat. It's astounding the little value you see in yourself, you have a heart of gold. So Silly!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A heart or hard-on of gold?