Thursday, April 02, 2009


Living on the island of Manhattan can be tough - the crowds, the tiny apartments and the crazy cost of everything can get you down - but then a moment comes along that brings you back to reality:  Manhattan is the best place on the planet.

Let me explain:

I started out the day rather blue - another rainy day at a boring shoot.  I was planning on going to the gym and early to bed....and then the phone rang.  My friend called to inform me that I was on the press list to the star studded annual Dressed to Kilt event.  Within 60 minutes I was glued together and in the front row watching celebs - some minor - parade down the runway.  Susan Lucci, Kelly Pickler, Mike Meyers, Sean Connery and many more walked the catwalk in kilts celebrating Scottish pride.  I drank free Vodka martinis and hitched a ride home in a limo with a couple I didn't know.

The cost of a glamour evening - $0.  

Yes, call me a recession-nista.


Baxter said...

C'mon, say something political. Or at least somethin' new. Maybe I've been banned from your blog, since everything's the same the last few days?

Anonymous said...

You live in New York?? Really??