Friday, July 03, 2009


I wonder what this bitch has up her sleeve?

Sarah "I can see Russian from my front door" Palin has announced that she is stepping down as Governor of Alaska.

I hope she's gone for good, but my bet is this crazy bitch is gunning for a run for the Oval Office in 2012.


Jeffrey said...


Anonymous said...

Is that a U.F.O. in the background of the pic? Could it be a clue?

Anonymous said...

A dirty kleenex? :)

Baxter said...

When you asked "what does this bitch have up her sleeve", and then later when you called her a "crazy bitch" I was completely convinced you'd grown a brain, and were talking about Nancy Pelosi. Then I looked at the picture! And I remembered where I was. Not exactly a stimulating environment for the nuturing of brain cells here, is it Oral?. Well, unless you peruse my posts.

Although I've only been back for a couple of days, and that was when I first really got the low-down on this situation, I think I can be of some assitance to you mentally challenged devotees of the left. Are you ready for this?

The left is wrong. The Right is right. And we're both fucked with what this administration posing as the White House Cabinet has done to our nation. The only difference is that the Conservative Right sees what's happening, while the liberal left pulls the shades, and lowers the blinds. The left is scared shitless of Sarah Palin, and they'll do whatever they can to demean her, and paint her in a bad light.

She's being sued for reasons absolutely irrelivant to the office of Governor of Alaska. It costs alot more money to DEFEND yourself against a lawsuit that it does to FILE a lawsuit, and her family isn't the Kennedy's. This way, after stepping down as Governor, she'll be able to defend herself, and her family, and her record against these lies without compromising the integrity of the office. She'll also be able to promote the Conservative (Republican) agenda, which is something that can't be done nearly as effectively from a sitting political posistion. At least Republicans can't do that. It weighs on the conscience.

Democrats, on the other hand, can and DO make a mockery of the political system here in the United States on a regular basis because they have no conscience. Case in point: Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi is a simple woman shaken with her own conceit. Only in California (specifically the San Francisco area) could such a blowhard be elected to office. Anywhere else in this great Nation she would have been laughed at as soon as she announced her bid for office. How she became Speaker of the House defies logic. It's positively frightening knowing she's third in line for the Presidency. Then again, Joe Biden's second in line! THAT'S scarey in it's own right! Christ! Look who the President is, NOW! If THAT doesn't scare the bejesus outta ya, WAKE UP!!! This ain't a dream!

Sorry. Got off on a tangent. Now, back to Pelosi. Oral, if you want to talk about a "crazy bitch", here she is in Pelosi. Her reason for denouncing the CIA makes no sense, and it may compromise the security of this Nation in the long run. Actually, it already has. When the CIA intends to make covert moves a handfull of pre-screened "political officials" are aware of the maneuver. Depending on the nature of said action, sometimes the President himself is unaware. I've heard instances where Jimmy Carter, and even President Reagan were in the dark, so to speak. If the CIA were to go in front of congress whenever they had a secret mission to carry out and ASK for permission and funding, then it wouldn't be very secret, would it? Each congressman would know, his aides would most likely know, and on, and on. It's a helluva lot easier to keep a "secret" among 3-7 people than it is among 99. People talk. That's just a fact of life, and Nancy Pelosi was never considered a confidential subject. She just couldn't pass the screening. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, can.

Palin is strong enough to be saddled with the information pertaining to top secret military, and governmental information. Pelosi is just addled with it.

In essence, I believe you're right to an extent. Something is going on with Sarah Palin, and it just might be a bid for the White House in 2012. It's a little early to be sure, but by then the majority of Americans will be sick of what the B Hussain (intentional "A") administration has done to our Country, so Palin is a viable option down the road.

And God bless America, you heathen motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...

Baxter is back to the Blah Blah Blah. Nice to have you back Baxter.


So let me get this straight, Mr. Baxter, when it gets tuff, "the right" simply bails out ala Palin. Oh, and it's okay for "the right" to have slut daughters while preaching abstianance. Yes, "the right" is full of hypocrites.

Baxter said...

Anonymous (if that's your real name), it's O.K. to admit you don't understand what I write here! Hell, liberals have always had trouble comprehending common sense. So if all you get out of my posts are "blah, blah, blah" then don't be ashamed. Stand up, be PROUD of your idiocy!

Oral, the same could be said of you. I kinda liked your point of quitting when things get tough, but you fail to mention that alot more Democrats have quit, or been forced out of office because of scandle than Republicans have. Look at that queer Governor from New Jersey. What's his name? McSqueegy, or something like that? Then you have the Detroit mayor, Kwanzi (close enough, eh?). And Eliott Spirtzer. THOSE last two used tax-payer funds to help in their "wanton escapades". Oh! And I almost forgot that liberal hottie John Edwards! What a fuckin' herd you guys on the left have to brag about.

And then you have the balls to call Sarah Palin's daughter a slut? Tell me, who here abstained from sex in high school? I mean because you wanted to, not because you had no choice?

Hmmm...I don't see anybody raising a hand to that question.

Oral, you have the kind of attitude toward Republicans that gives Democratic politics a bad name. And Sarah Palin didn't resign because it got a little nasty out there, she left to defend herself from biased, bullshit attacks garnered from the left. You can file a lawsuit against almost anyone for almost any supposed reason. The person being sued will then have to cough up untold amounts of money to defend themselves, even if the suit is completely unfounded.

Jesus, I feel like I'm teaching quantum mechanics to third graders when I'm here!

Anonymous said...

I stand by my statement Baxter.BLAH BLAH BLAH you blow hard.

Anonymous said...

Are ya sure it's not a dirty kleenex?


Sarah Palin quit because she's a loser - that's the honest truth - oh, and she's wants the big money from endorsement deals.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kleenex will ask for a deal?

Baxter said...

Anonymous #1: I stand by MY statement, and I'd like to expound a bit. Since you're a LIBERAL minded voter, you're kids are gonna be fucked up beyond belief. That's just life kickin' you in the ass with facts. Get a grasp on the realities America faces.

Anon # 2: That's a frickin' SHIP you see in the distance! Christ on cruthes, are you blind?

And finally, Oral. Ms. Palin isn't a loser. She may be looking for those indoersment deals that offer a ton of money, but loser? Never.

Liberally minded citizens in the United States of America ARE losers. Why, you ask? I'll tell you why. Because this nation was NOT founded on "liberal" principals, that's WHY.

So get yer head outta yer ass, and find out what America is about.

Anonymous said...

It's a row boat... Her get away vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Baxter you seem to know a lot about politics what do you do for a living? If you don't mind me asking. I am a republican reader of this blog and I am just curious to know. You have some very interesting views of things.

Anonymous said...

Is a U.F.O. not a ship? I'll need to consult my Carpenter's record collection! Stop insulting blind people; that's just plain rude.

Baxter said...

Conspiracy theorist Anonymous: Allow me to sincerely apologize to the blind community for equating them to such an nescient comment. Although I doubt they'll see my apology since brail screens, at least to my knowledge, aren't on the market yet.

Republican Anonymous: I own cattle, heavy equipment, and I'm "unofficially" retired from the Air Force. Unofficially in that I still contract out to the military on occassion, and haven't begun drawing on my pension. Plus, I get a whole lot of information pertaining to guber-mint operational procedures. So I'm essentially a Renaissance man (or so I've been called), even though I can't stand Europe.