Friday, August 07, 2009


Let me tell you, it was so much cheaper to rent.

I now totally understand the Tom Hanks' film "The Money Pit".

I want a new kitchen.

I want a new bathroom.

Had to get a new flat screen.

Had to get new dressers and closets.

The old ceiling fans were gross - had to get new ones.

Thanks goodness the blond wood floors are superb.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the real (estate) world. But just think you can have pleasure knowing it's all your. Good luck with the new apt.

Anonymous said...

Sounds nice -- esp. the floor.

Baxter said...

That's a nice article. What's your opinion NOW of President Barack Obama? Do you agree with his stance on the health care issue? Seriously.

Anonymous said...

" Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House",the original and so much better then the Tom Hanks remake.After spending 2 hours mowing the lawn and a lifetime of redoing the previous owners handiwork,I still can't figure out why owning is supposed to be better then renting? For future homeowners,never buy anything over 250 years old!Historic,it's more like hysteric! Susang