Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Is anyone else obsessed with MyNetworkTV’s tacky telenovela Fashion House? I simply can’t get enough of surgerized stars Bo Derek and Morgan Fairchild.

Poor Bo can’t act whatsoever, but you can’t stop looking at that gorgeous face – and thanks to Botox, it doesn’t move. Bo plays a thin veiled imitation of Donatella Versace and appears to be channeling Heather Locklear’s style of Melrose Place acting: look mean and shout a lot.

Morgan does a better job in the acting department, but not by much. As for her surgery, she definitely is my new role model – I mean, this broad is pushing 60 and looks amazing.

The story: It seems Morgan’s character is hell bent on ruining Bo’s character, which leads to numerous cat fights and bitch slaps. Toss in murder, adultery and a fashion posse of sex-crazed back stabbing bitches and that about sums up the plot.

OK, the story line is predictable and shallow, but so am I.

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Aron said...

Dear and all you out there, put Paula Yates into the YouTube search engines, classic interviews with 80s pop stars. Put Donna Summer in too!