Saturday, September 09, 2006


I was in Minneapolis cleaning my childhood room when I came upon my high school yearbooks. I laughed and laughed at the pictures and marveled how cute everyone looked. I especially got a kick out of the written salutations – and to think these people were my friends! Here is a sample:

“You are the weirdest person I have ever met, “ wrote Sherri.

‘If you went bald, what would you talk about? “ wrote Renee. “Your hair is your life.”

"Thanks for borrowing me your curling iron at lunch," wrote Rita.

“Strange is a good word to describe you,” wrote Susie.

“I will miss you coming up to me and asking: ‘Is my hair looking thick or thin?’, wrote Darlene.

“I respect that you never care what people think of you,” wrote Bob.

“I wonder what will ever happen to someone so strange,” wrote Teresa.

“Don’t drink so much,” wrote Linda.

“You are without a doubt the strangest person I have ever met, “ wrote Kari.

“You shouldn’t use so much hairspray,” wrote Brian.

"You shouldn't wear so much makeup," wrote Pooh.

Well, it's 2006, and I'm proud to report I'm still strange. Yes, I still worry if my hair looks thick or thin, I still wear too much makeup and I still love my hairspray. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Amen, sister.


Anonymous said...

thick, your hair definitely looks thick, and theres no such thing as to much hairspray, unless of course you are Condi Rice! Susan G.

throwing up said...

in my own mouth

Jules said...

Hey mistermakeup it looks like you know who is back......
I'm sure trowing up has had worst things in their mouth before.

junebug said...

Someone was called "Pooh"? That's a hoot! {LOL}

Charlie Hobart said...

I'm beginning to think you only have half a face since that's all us readers ever see at one time. This isn't a criticism, but for someone who is so quick to judge others' appearances you certainly seem determined to hide your own. I thought a guy with "makeup" in his name would be a bit more, how should we say, expressive?

Just a thought...

mistermakeup said...

Mr. Hobart - I never knew you could be so catty - bravo! And point well taken.

Aron said...

Dear you to criticize know I was out in milan last night with all the gays at muscle heaven "billy" and they were just miserable...and I had my ultra violet moment....i prefer the bed and gym