Saturday, September 16, 2006


You never know what you will find on the worldwide web.

Case in point:

I was googling my last name one lazy afternoon and I came upon my estranged cousin's website. That's cool, I thought, I'll bookmark it and show it to my parents when I visit Minneapolis. I should point out that my cousin is a very talented painter with a focus on realism

When I arrived in Minneapolis, I showed the website to my parents. As we scrolled down the page, we came upon a surprise. There staring back at us was a painting of my grandfather - my father's father. The painting had won awards and honorable mentions in numerous competitions. We arranged a visit and the photo above is of my father, mother, cousin and grandfather. My grandfather was a painter, too, and was an inspiration to my cousin.

By the way, my parents are 87 and 80 in the pic - I think they look pretty darn good.


Personal Trainer NYC :: TW Training NYC said...

I've just been catching up on your blog, yes you're strange, but I adore the shit out of you!

Aron said...

Dear your mom looks great.......

grimninja2 said...

honey, you come from a very good gene-pool.Count your lucky stars! Susan G.

Bri said...

Bob & Neecee Look Great!
Say Hi to them for me.