Friday, March 23, 2007


President Bush and his criminal cronies are at it again. I’m not even going to go bitch about the war today. No, what is criminal is how Bush is attempting to thwart the judicial system.

I mean, by not allowing Karl Rove to testify about his activities under oath is shocking as well as unconstitutional. Eventually, everything comes out in the wash, so when the shit hits the fan, there will be no penalty for Rove because he was not under oath. In other words, Rove and his buddies can lie all they want and never get into any trouble.

Convenient, huh?

And to think they wanted to impeach Clinton for a blowjob? Go figure.

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YOu are so right MM...I was watching Chuck Schumer on The View, and he just said it all!!! That Gonzalez, (even if he IS LATIN like ol Bertha) should be shot....and Bush SHOULD...BE impeached...and they should throw that spoiled brat blonde on the view, to the insurgents in Iraq! Lets see how well she would do in that!