Sunday, March 25, 2007


Has anyone else stopped watching Desperate Housewives and other network shows due to the long breaks between new episodes?

I know I have.

I'm sick of getting caught up in a network show and then being forced to wait 3 to 4 weeks for a new episode. I mean, one would think with the huge competition from cable channels, networks would do everything in their power to hold onto their continually shrinking audience. FX, HBO, Bravo and Fox have new shows without fail week after week. Why? Because cable channels are smart enough to film an entire season and have it in the can before they start airing it.

Well, I'm done with network television and I'm sure I'm not alone in my frustration.

You would think the suits at the networks would figure this out.


Anonymous said...

i thought u loved desperate housewives?

Anonymous said...

MM I couldn't agree more. Julie

mistermakeup said...

Miss Julie - I thought of you last night when I felt my ABC burn.

Anonymous said...

MM I thought of you to.I knew you would be pissed off.By the time new ones come on we will have forgotten where the hell they are in the story.They need to get it together.Julie

Anonymous said...

the BEST tv is Dateline, chris hanson, to catch a predator

they need to run that 24-7
i'll even take reruns and gaps in produciton

mistermakeup said...

Oh honey, I LOVE that show. I love the expression on the mens' faces when they are busted. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

it sux though when they waste time with cops and talking heads praising the investigation.

just show dudes walking through the door, camera fixed on their faces while chris reads their graphic chat transcripts, and then show the perps eating concrete when the cops ambush them outside the door.

no more interviews with perverted justice, just perverts!!!


mistermakeup said...

You know what I hate about network programs - they have no original ideas.

If you watch such innovative shows such as HBO's Six Feet Under, Carnivale or even The Sopranos or FX's Nip-n-Tuck, you can see where the writers of Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Ugly Betty and especially that dreadful Grey's Anatomy get all their ideas.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Grey's Anatomy is a horrid show, and why the cast and the creator get so much press, I will never understand.

It's horrid horrid horrid!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You left out Dirt! fabulous too!