Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Last week I worked on a project with Carolyn Kepcher - you know, the bitchy blonde from Donald Trump's The Apprentice. Well, she was fired by Donald for getting "caught up" in her own fame, so she decided to start a company to help women in the workplace.

Ok, sounds great.

Well, she showed up at the shoot in a thigh-high mini, a sleeveless hot-pink top and stiletto heels. Oh, and she's border line anorexic and bleached blonde. I'm sorry, but I don't think the image of a 14th street hooker is a good role model for working women, right? Last time I checked, dressing like a prostitue isn't welcome in the workplace.

Anyways, I kept looking at her shoes - kinda scuffed and cheap looking. Half-way through the day, obviously in pain, she slipped off her stilettos. I craned my neck and noticed the shoes were by Nine West!

Yes, Nine West - the cheapest shoes in the world.

Does anyone else fiind that odd?


Anonymous said...

Well GD MEOW!! I wear nine west, they are okay If you are on a budget

I think payless is cheaper.

And candies are cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I don't have enough bank to buy the shoes from Nine West that I want. I need to start messing around with married men!

mistermakeup said...

Oh honey, if you can't afford shoes by Nine West, you do need to start sleeping with a rich married man.

Anonymous said...

Paris is already out of jail

blog on that bitch please

Anonymous said...

Well, she is a corporate drone. I know she has a head for business, maybe she lacks the interest (or taste) to discern good clothes/shoes from bad. Maybe she just has bad taste. Britney has stylists and she manages to look really cheap and bad.