Monday, June 04, 2007


In Manhattan, we could care less about the price of gas. I mean, very few of us own cars, and the ones that do are filthy rich, so the price of fuel really isn't an issue.

But what does bother me is the price of coffee.

Last week I was walking around Soho - the capital of euro-trash - when I popped into a funky little joint for an iced coffee to go. I pulled out a five dollar bill - surely that would cover it.

No, the cashier looked me dead in the eye: "That will be $6.25, please."

Now this was not a latte, foamy, extra shot, light, vente mocha bullshit coffee - just a plain iced coffee.

From now on, I'm sticking to my $1.84 plain Starbucks.


Claudia said...

OMG! 6.25! thats ridiculous, I pay 3.5 for gas. ugh.

Anonymous said...

I hate the trendy coffee price shit so much! But since I don't drink, I probably spend too f'n much on coffee. FUCK SoHo!

mistermakeup said...

This coffee thing is crazy. I was at Pier 59 and I ordered a plain small coffee - $4.60.


Well honey I love my starbucks, it keeps my pussy moist!

Anonymous said...

Bertha I swear you must be such a cow. Too bad your mom did not abort your ridiculous self.

mistermakeup said...

Be nice to Bertha.