Saturday, July 28, 2007


I just adore Europe.

I love the delicious cappuccinos, the yummy yogurts and creamy gelatos - not to mention the nice and stylish people.

Here is a list of things I love about Europe.

1) No screaming brats. Never in my American life have I seen so many happy and quiet children. I mean, no ghetto mothers or white trailer trash mothers allowed - you know the kind, the ones who let their children run wild and cart them around in strollers at 1 am.

2) No fat people. OK, maybe 10 pounds overweight, but absolutely no hefty hideaway jumbos in sight.

3) The laid back lifestyle. I love that no one seems to be in a hurry - and the work weeks are shorter and the vacations longer. I mean, everyone seems so happy and content.

4) Fabulous music. The radio and MTV actually play a diverse selection of music - not just ghetto rap like in America.

5) I love that Sundays are total leisure time - no rush to get shopping done or extra work. The cities are dead and the seaside resorts are full of smiling people on the seventh day.

6) Tons of fresh fruit.

7) The nerve to name a store Topman.

8) No George Bush in charge - nuff' said.



I couldnt agree with you more, I hate kids, and sometimes the trashy types want to bring em up to my table....I mean come on.........Maybe Bertha should become a dealer on one of those Cruises....although if they are all fags, Bertha wont get much cock

mistermakeup said...

Well, they do have over 900 staff members - and some of those boys are quite tasty.

Anonymous said...

I love Europe too, except....the stylish men in their tight ass jeans. I can't tell who is straight and who is gay.

Are all men in Europe faggots?