Monday, November 05, 2007


I don't blame Miss Oprah for shedding a few tears.

Her school in Africa is her dream; and she bankrolled it with her own money. As much as I love to hate Oprah, I do think she is a good person. I mean, she might have an ego the size of Canada, but she has a staff of hundreds and no one has ever come forth with a tell-all book etc...and that says a lot.

The disturbing thing is that the abusing matron probably thought she could get away with her kinky fun Scott free.


Because in Africa young girls don't really matter. Sad, but true. That is, until Super Oprah took to the skies.

But I do have one question:

Oprah claims to have given each of the girls a personal cell phone to call her on...does anyone really believe this?


Anonymous said...

Talking 'bout Tom Cruise, now you talking 'bout Oprah, girl do you have a death wish?

I am very concerned for your safety, I want to see pics of you with burly body guards to calm my nerves.

mistermakeup said...

Honey, I want some burly bodyguards around me, too!

Anonymous said...

When I see your face on a milk carton I won't be surprised!