Friday, February 27, 2009


You know, I've come to love Miss Katie Couric.

Watching her the other night cover the Obama State of the Union event, I was struck by her grace, charm and wit.

Okay, I admit, I never really cared much for her on The Today Show, but as the years wore on, she got better - and more feisty.

I mean, her "take no prisoners" battles with Ann Cuntler are legendary.

And let's not forget it was Katie who single handily derailed the speeding train that was Sarah Palin. After the Republican Convention love fest, the nation was in awe of the little Governor that could. Leave it to Katie with her calm blond charm to reveal what an idiot Palin was.

For that alone, I will always love her.


Baxter said...

This post seems to be pointed at drawing ME (the intrepid Baxter) into one of my rants, yet I will remain stealthy in demeanor. ALL with a functional brain know that Ms. Coulter made a fool of the redundant Katie, and Gov. Palin quickly tired of half-wit Couric's constant yammering of previously covered queries. I'm done.

However I will be back, at my earliest convenience, to correct any idiots who think I might have missed something. In either of these interviews.

Anonymous said...

poor little baxter, all he has to do is go to to witness the slaughtering of Sarah Palin by Katie. if stammering and rambling through half answers and constantly saying..."I'll get back to ya on that one" make a fool of Katie, I beg to differ.

Go Katie.

Baxter said...

The only "problem" with Couric's interview of Palin was in the editing. Couric asked the EXACT SAME QUESTION of Palin 3 to 4 times, and the only responce the general public was allowed to witness was the final one. The one where Gov. Palin finally got sick of poor lil' Katie's insesant yammering, and got a little bit smart-assed with her.

ABC, as a network in total, is behind the Liberal-Socialistic approach to government that the Democratic party is pushing on the nation. If you, Anonymous, can't see this then you really wouldn't know when I've made an ass of you. Should I bother? Or have I already?