Friday, February 13, 2009



Anonymous said...

Successful TransMen:
Links and Photos
by Lynn Conway

الرجال المتحولين الناجحين: (Arabic)
Lelaki Trans Berjaya : (Bahasa Malaysia)
成功的变性男人: (Chinese)
Hombres Transexuales de Éxito: (en español)
Erfolgreiche transsexuelle Männer: (Deutsch)
Des hommes trans qui ont réussi leur transition (Français)
גברים טרנססקסואליים מצליחים : (Hebrew)
Uomini Transessuali di successo: (Italiano)
TS男性の成功談:(Japanese) NEW!
Sikeres transznemű férfiak: (Magyar)
Succesvolle transseksuele mannen (Nederlands)
Homens Transexuais Sucedidos: (Português)
Barbati Trans de succes: (Română)
Успехи ТС-мужчин: (Русский)
Framgångsrika Transmän: (Svenska)

Many thousands of people have made female-to-male (FtM) gender transitions and are now living fully and successfully as men. Many thousands more are now in the process of FtM transition. The numbers are far larger than commonly thought.

Anonymous said...

Are you transgender Oral?

Baxter said...

Gee, that DOES shed light on the new administrations attitude! The dems finally got rid of an honestly elected President, and we get to see their opinion of American Values. Quite telling, don't you agree?

I think this is the most spent by the liberal factions to get one of their kind in office since... hmmm... ever?

Anonymous said...

Did castration hurt? Or were you put out for the procedure?


Of course, I'm a tranny!