Saturday, May 09, 2009


Okay, I love Michelle Obama.

But the best first lady ever?

That's what Oprah - "I picked our president" Winfrey seems to think. I'm sorry, but what has Mrs. Obama done other than show off her buff arms in sleeveless tops?

Don't get me wrong, she might turn out to be the best first lady ever, but for now, let's give that honor to Eleanor Roosevelt or Betty Ford or Hillary Clinton.


Anonymous said...

My god give her time. What did you expect? For her to cure world hunger in 100 days! She could be finding a cure for cancer and we won't hear about it..It's all about him right now. Give her a break.

Baxter said...

Betty Ford was drunk most of the time. Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, and Laura Bush did sooooo much more for AMERICAN society than Bill-ery Clit-on, or Lez-anor Roosevelt even dreamt they could it would astound your pea-sized brain if you knew the truth. Learn some history.

It's fun being the smartest person on the blog, but sometimes it gets tiring.