Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm ashamed to live America today.  

The California Supreme Court ruled that the ban on gay marriage will remain intact.  In other words, being a bigot is fine and dandy in the land of red, white and blue.

If it were left to the "will of the people", women would not have the right to vote, blacks would not be allowed to vote or even attend schools, and in fact, might still be slaves.  All rights that have been given to minorities have come via the court - NEVER the "will of the people."

As Thomas Jefferson said.."The majority should NEVER have voting rights against the minority."

No truer words have ever been spoken.


Baxter said...

Uhh...Thomas Jefferson didn't say that. George Jefferson might have, but not Thomas.

Besides, that's how the President is elected (even B Hussain (intentionl "A") was elected in this manner. You're right! Maybe we SHOULD change that!). If the majority votes for something/someone, then that's how democracy is exhibited.

You can bitch, and moan, and whine, and cry all you want but when the populace rears its ugly head by VOTING, then FUCK!!! Ain't this a mess?

Maybe you'd prefer a Czar telling us what to do? Oh wait; You "voted" one in last November. Just give it some time, then it'll allllll go your way :)

Anonymous said...

Look it up...Thomas Jefferson did indeed say it - many talking heads on Fox and Cnn have used that quote.

I love how you make no mention of Oral's facts about courts and how they are instrumental in securing rights for all.

Baxter said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I knew I could sucker some "anonymous" dipshit into my trap! I don't give a rats' ass WHAT Thomas Jefferson said 200 frickin' years ago! Parameters have changed, Anonymous.

And you spent close to an hour looking irrelivant shit up just to prove ME wrong? Ya fuckin' moron.

The point I made was that DEMOCRACY is the substance of America, and not socialism. And if thruth be known, Thomas Jefferson would agree with me.


Baxter: what do you have to say about "radical" judges giving rights to women and blacks? You know as well as I do, if put to the vote, women would still be in the kitchen and blacks would still in in chains.

Baxter said...

Sounds like the good ol' days to me, Oral!


So sad, but here in Vegas gays got domestic partnerships at least!

Anonymous said...

Whose truth?

Baxter said...

THE truth, dumbass.