Saturday, May 23, 2009


You know, I really hate straight people - I really do.

I mean, it's bad enough that they hold the cards in the gay marriage battle, but must they also be so fucking fat and tacky?  I mean, how hard is it to push yourself away from the buffet table and get on the treadmill?  Or how hard is it to buy clothes made of natural fabrics that don't look like they belong on a golf course?

And don't get be started on their damn kids.  Why is it noone smacks their brats anymore?  In my day, if I acted up, my mother gave me a back handed slap.  I mean, kids need to learn right and wrong and that there are consequences when you break the rules.  I am so sick of mother's trying to rationalize with screaming three-year-olds at Duane Reade - kids that age respond to a slap, not a time-out.

I just don't understand how these morons rule the world.


Baxter said...

Oral, I totally agree with your bitch in this case. But you have the parameters all screwed up in your feeble mind!

It ISN'T straight parents who have the problem disciplining thier kids, or the "funny" parents, either. It's the liberal parents who've caused this whole sorted mess surrounding the children (just look at the political, and social ideology of the parents whose kids wreaked havoc at Columbine High).

You say you got your ass whooped if you acted up when you were a kid? So did I. I bet most of your readers did, too. The sole cause of this screwed up mentallity has more to do with liberalism than you care to admit! It has absolutely nothing to do with the gay vs. straight parenting mode.

It comes down to some democratic senator (possibly Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, or even Hillary Rodham Clinton) witnessing a disruptive child in Wal-Mart getting his/her ass spanked by a CONSERVATIVE parent. The kid needed it, but a dem saw it, and raised wholley hell with congress until a law was passed criminalizing any punishment to a child beyond a "time-out" to be the equivalent of waterboarding.

So quit yer bitchin', or change parties.


Okay - not all str8 people are bad - my friend JS in Minneapolis is an enlighten one. I guess there are a few - LOL.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Oral. It has to be said no one ever forgets their first or last spanking. Even the ones in between still haunt you. But the point was made after one of those spankings. You show your ass and it will be red by the time you get home.I don't think you need to bruise your child but they need to know who the boss really is. Remember you don't need to do the spanking in public for all to see that's why they invented bathrooms,dressing rooms, ally ways etc...