Friday, December 15, 2006


Well, it’s Christmas, so it’s the perfect time for my semi-annual THINGS I HATE list.

1) You know what really bugs me? Fat people eating junk food – chips, cookies, candy bars etc...I mean, don’t they have mirrors? It’s disgusting.

2) Fat people waiting for elevators when the stairs are in plain view. Honey, there is a reason you are fat – get off your ass and start moving. And while I’m on the subject, I despise people that ride the elevator for just one floor.

3) People who answer the cell phone no matter what. I mean, I’ve seen folks scrambling, sweating and panicking to find that ringing idiot box? God forbid you should lose a call. One would think it was the president or the pope calling. After all the whoopla, it’s usually…“Yes, honey, I will bring home a gallon of milk.”

4) People who walk slow. I’m not talking about old folks; I’m talking about young people – usually fat – taking their damn sweet time. Hate it.

5) Coach purses. Every gal in the Midwest seems to think that carrying a Coach purse is the ticket to class. Sorry, but in Manhattan anyone who's anyone knows only secretaries and suburban moms carry Coach bags. You want class? Try a Marc Jacobs bag.

6) Bad blonde highlights. If you can’t afford a trip to the salon, leave your hair alone. I mean, nothing is worse than seeing orange stripes or chunks of yellow on dark hair. Low rent, honey, very low rent. Furthermore, why do all the women in the Midwest sport lesbian-style short haircuts? No wonder every married man I know is cheating on his wife.

7) Talking in movies. With the price of a movie ticket hovering around $10, nothing makes me madder than talking in the cinema. I support carrying firearms on this matter.

8) Starbucks. Why are there always 40 people in line and four cash registers BUT only one person taking orders? Piss poor management.

9) Kohl’s Department Stores. I swear, I have never in my life been in a tackier department store.

10) Big SUV’s. With gas prices so high, why oh why do city folk need these gas-guzzlers? And have you noticed it’s always ugly men driving them? I bet these men suffer from small dick syndrome.


abby jo dennis said...

can you add hummer stretch limos? what's the point? streets around london are SMALL, there's is no frickin' need to take up the entire road with something that uses an entire gas tank to go a mile.

Anonymous said...

God you are a mean. Are you really so unhappy?

mistermakeup said...

Yes, I guess I am - thanks for the concern

Anonymous said...

very funny year end list

i like to think it's written with a sense of humor

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with 9:48 am.You must be a very unhappy person with a very small mind.

Anonymous said...

check it out! all the small minded scrooges hit mistermakeup's blog comment section

happy holidays to all you haters.

keep on judging instead of laughing!!!!!!

mistermakeup said...

Play nice, my darlings - remember it's the holidays and good will to all men, women and those somewhere inbetween

Anonymous said...

Is a small mind really all that bad if it's attached to a small waist?

Happy holidays, darling, and I can't wait to see you in January!

Anonymous said...

A small mind is never good no matter what the size of the waist riftgirl.