Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I love me some Rosie O’Donnell. With her “every woman” candid charm, she has put The View back on top. I mean, she says exactly what the majority of us are thinking. I mean, on today’s show she ranted about Donald Trump and the stupidity of the Miss USA pageant.

But what I like best about Rosie is that she isn’t beating anyone over the head with her sexuality. Yeah, she mentions it, but always in a subtle way, thus, showing the world that gay folks are pretty much the same as str8 folks.

Bravo Rosie.


Nick said...

when i get up in the morning i mull it over in my head.. "sportscenter/the view...sportscenter/the view"

kidding, of course. honestly though i can't imagine a realistic amount of money someone would have to pay me to watch that show. starting bid has got to be at least a thousand dollars.

with that being said, trump and what's-her-face's little battle is is that miss usa chick. her crying was ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

ah, at least the View is more entertaining now with Rosie on it. She rarely shuts up and is incredibly stubborn, but not much else on at 11am.

Anonymous said...

dearie, don't give rosie a fashion pass because she's a big ol dyke.

she could clean up a bit. you know, it's televison, not the sand pit with the other lesbi-moms.

Anonymous said...

dykes aren't supposed to be fashionable, are they?

she doesn't get a pass

Anonymous said...

I find her a bit annoying, even if she does spice up the show, but thats cause the show is now colorless - even though star added a awefully offputting color- and that little blonde chick annoys me even more.