Thursday, December 21, 2006


Poor old hair challenged Donald Trump.

Today he’s all over the news attacking Rosie O’Donnell because of her views about him on The View. I mean, Mr. Trump is such a cad. After Rosie's many valid points, the Donald could only come up with rebuttals such as…”She’s ugly" or "She’s an evil slob" or "Rosie’s fat and unattractive.”

Grow up, Donald; if anyone’s evil, it’s you. Rosie has donated and raised millions of dollars for charities – what have you done? Oh, yeah, publicly cheated on both of your wives and bankrupted yourself many times over …somehow I agree with Rosie that you should not be the “moral compass” for Miss USA.

To see all the action, copy this URL to your browser to see the entire recap.


Anonymous said...

team rosie all the way. donald trump is a ridiculous, insecure asshole, and he obviously cannot stand to be challenged on his MORAL and financial bankruptcy.

And why is he calling Rosie fat? He's coming up on morbid obesity himself. Look at his tank-size body when he stands behind the pulpit in a quadruple breasted suit. He is an ass, and not because he is fat.

Nick said...

embed it!