Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I recently worked on a Sear’s Television commercial for the gay network LOGO. The location was the home of two super successful men in gay friendly Asbury Park. In the holiday themed commercial, the happy couple is shown entertaining a group of friends that included a pair of lipstick lesbians and a gay dad accessorized with a foreign baby.

Although I say “Bravo” to Sears for realizing that gay people in 2006 are just as boring as straight people, I do wonder if all this homo homogenization is a good thing.

I mean, I’m old enough to remember when the only gay people I knew were florists, actors, hairdressers and other assorted fabulous freaks that were loud and proud long before rainbow flags became the norm in corporate America. I remember when gay bars were elite underground establishments with secret side doors that housed the most interesting people on the planet. Sadly, it seems this fabulous and bright gay gene pool has now been watered down with gay lawyers, doctors and accountants.

Yes, I’m smart enough to realize that a Sear’s LOGO commercial is good for the progress of the gay community, but I ask you: Is progress always a good thing?


Anonymous said...

I wonder, though, how "progressive" a commercial is if it is just being aired on LOGO. It sounds more like target marketing than any sort of progress, sadly. Let's see if they would consider putting it on network tv or even a cable channel where straight people like me can see the boring lifestyle choices of some of gay america ;)
...and yes, I work with a gay lawyer and he is even more boring than me. Sad.

mistermakeup said...

That's a good point, Miss Trish.