Thursday, January 25, 2007


In Manhattan yesterday, talking heads warned viewers about the artic 25 degree weather. I mean, they even did a report on frost bite and how to prevent it.

Oh, please.

I grew up in Minnesota where 25 degrees would bring out the tank tops and shorts.


Claudia said...

I was in Mpls last week and there was a point when i was crying walking down the street, hurtful frozen tears sliding down my face behind my dolces. I was then thankful for the "cold" LA days I had been complaining about. I won't move back.

Charlie Hobart said...

Ah hah! So now you're proud to consider yourself a former Minnesotan when in previous blog entries you've been nothing but dismissive, arrogant, and insensitive towards my state and city.

Remember "Minny-no-place?" I hope you're not what I call a "convenient cynic" in these regards!

mistermakeup said...

A "convenient" cynic? No, I think my cynic skills operate full-time. Virgo that I am, I always say if you have nothing but negative things to contribute, come sit by me.

Anonymous said...

You kids need to come to Vegas and warm up with Bertha!