Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Don't you love it when hypocritical republicans like Larry Craig fuck up?

I do.

Every fag in Minneapolis is aware that the airport bathroom is ripe with closet cases looking for dick to suck - and also ripe with undercover police. I mean, who cares if terrorists are plotting to blow up the airport, let's spend our money on catching those disgusting fudge packers.

I laughed out loud when I heard Mr. Craig describe his "wide leg stance" when taking a dump or his remark that he was "just picking up toilet paper off the floor." I guess Senator Larry Craig won't be getting his usual 100 percent rating by the Family Values Association this year. No sirree.

He can now join the ranks of other closeted self-hating homos like Mark Foley and Ted Haggard.

I say good riddance.


Anonymous said...

Why are you guys having sex in the bathrooms? Same topic, what is with the rest stop sex? If that's how you have sex, no wonder this decent family man holding public office wants to stay in the closet. I'd rather have sex with a fat bobbed minneapolis barrel shaped woman.

mistermakeup said...

Let me answer this: 99 percent of openly gay men do not seek out sex in dirty bathrooms or skanky rest stops - the men doing those dirty deeds are closeted self-hating married-to-women homos. Why? Because they are raised in scary christian homes or repressed small towns and lack the balls to come out and live as an openly gay person.

Anonymous said...

Well said MM...Well said.Look at all the sports athletes who are on the down low.And they think it's alright because in their minds they aren't gay.Well then what do you call it? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous @ 5:21, anyone home!?!?

What kind of DECENT FAMILY MAN lies about trying to sex up a cop in the bathroom? Mister Makeup, what kind of retarded bible thumpers do you allow to comment on your blogs? Dipshits are writing up on here!

Anonymous said...

A good idea would be to electrocute this closet gay with Michael vick.

This world has no use for either coward. Stupid hillbilly gay or stupid nigger football player.