Sunday, August 05, 2007


Every gay cruise has a surprise “star” performance. On previous trips, the “star” – and I use that term extremely loosely – has been Debbie “Only in My Dreams” Gibson, Charo and Joan Rivers.

I know, has-beens one and all.

On the Baltic’s, we were joined by Go-Go Belinda Carlisle. She croaked out her various solo and Go-Go hits with a blasé smile plastered on her face. Clad in a drab "garden party" pantsuit sans shoes, it was obvious as she robotically sang along to a backing track that she was in disbelief that her career had been reduced to singing on a floating resort to a bunch of drunken queens.

During a flat performance of “Circle in the Sand”, one queen leaped from the front row and screamed:

“Belinda – your music saved my life.”

As I contained my laughter from such an idiotic statement, Belinda just smirked at the poor soul and moved to the other side of the stage.

So how is the old gal holding up? I wish I could say my lips were sealed, but that isn't me, is it?

For starters, her face had that odd taut and shiny appearance ala Nicole Kidman from too much Botox and filler; and her neck looked a little bunchy from an ill-fated neck lift, but for 51 she looked pretty good.

What really surprised me were the visible panty lines on her wide pancake flat ass. I mean, I know she lives in southern France, but hasn’t she heard of Spanx? I just wanted to yell outloud..."Bitch, you got pantylines!"

As one old queen sitting behind me said before storming out mid- show….

“For the love of God, she can’t even sing, and for all the money we paid for this trip, she could at least put on a nice dress and a pair of Jimmy Choos.”


Anonymous said...

ew!!!! no shoes!!!!!

what a pig faced troll!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

From your blogs it all sounds like one big snore fest.

mistermakeup said...

I can assure you it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs about the trip are BORING.............

mistermakeup said...

Well, what can I say...I guess I'm boring.

Anonymous said...

why the hate, faggots? are you jealous that the queen of mean botox was in europe and yall were sweating it out stateside?

faggot on faggot hate is pathetic.

mistermakeup said...

faggot on faggot hate? i have no idea what you are talking about???? please explain, darling.