Wednesday, December 19, 2007


OK, we all know the health care system in America sucks, but I've never experienced it first hand - until now.

My mother - a senior citizen - had an operation this past week and was sent home within 2 hours of the procedure. I mean, she looked like death warmed over.

Once home, she moaned and groaned for three days.

My parents have excellent health insurance and this is the treatment they received.

God help the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree.Let me tell you some of my mothers horror story with health care.My mother worked for the good old USA since she was 14, yes 14 and also paid taxes...At 14 years of age.When she was 50 she got sick out of the blue.She had very good health care also,or so we thought.When she got out of the hospital her insurance carrier dropped her like a hot potato saying it was a pre existing condition.That was such a line of crap.She had been healthy and never went to the doctor until that one time.I could go on to explain what happened when she was diagnosed with cancer but it's to long to put on your blog.If these so called presidential candidates want my vote come November they better step it up with the health care in this country for the people who do pay taxes like us or like our parents did for many years and quit giving every thing away to people who don't.They need to take a good hard look at who pays the taxes and their salaries.

Anonymous said...

Sympathies to your mother!! One thing I will say in defense of her early dismissal from the hospital: it's a very well documented fact that the sooner you leave the hopsital and return to your own home, the LESS LIKELY YOU ARE TO GET A COMPLEMENTARY INFECTION. Also called a "parting gift." I am not defending any asshole health care protocol, but really thank your stars that hospitals send people home sooner rather than later. My heart bleeds for people stuck longer in the care of dirty hospitals.


So true - hospitals are the worst. The last time my mother was in the hospital a crazy nurse tried to give her an insulin injection - and my mother isn't diabetic. The nurse kept insisting she take the shot, until my mother insisted the nurse check the chart - of course, the nurse had the wrong patient.

yougnomeme said...

Too true. It's a freaky deal, and it sucks.

Michael Moore's film: I absolutely cried when those kind Cubans helped the sick American folks. Cried.