Monday, January 21, 2008


Wow, I love this new show on VH1.

Dr. Drew of MTV fame hosts a bunch of D-list celebs including Chyna Doll, Brigitte Nielson, one of the Baldwin brothers, a porn star and an American Idol reject - but the real highlight is Taxi's Jeff Conaway. I mean, he is a fucking mess. He is stuck in a wheelchair and totally suicidal and shaking and crying coming off his drugs - it's amazing television.

Watch it.


Anonymous said...

This show is the hottest shit ever to be broadcast on television. Who knew that hot blonde from Taxi would turn into such a mess? The best part of the show is that while Dr. Drew seems to have a degree of professional ethics and decorum, this rehab is full of the most insecure attention whores ever born. Each one more dim witted than the next. Jeff, Brigitte, Mary Carey, Hamburglar Baldwin- jackpot. All Dr. Drew has to do is stand to the side and let these wastes of life implode/overdose on camera.

yougnomeme said...

Jeff Conaway was so very sexy in the days of Taxi. That is sad. Really sad. No TV. I shall listen to Manhattan Skyline and think of that thick, beautifully feathered hair and those magnificently filled jeans.


Yes, he did have some amazing feathered hair - but I was in love with the dim witted Tony.

Anonymous said...

I have watched it again and again and it's like watching a train wreck and not turning away because you want to watch the explosion.I could not believe the shape Jeff is in.He was so very fine back in the day.Maybe every parent should sit their kid down to watch it and show them what drugs can do to you.I am so glad I never did heavy drugs.A little pot here and there.