Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I have made 2008 my year to find true love again.

I don’t think of it as such an odd request, but my friends certainly do.

My girlfriend in Milwaukee practically jumped through the phone when I told her. I mean, she basically said I was nuts and I had better reserve my room at the heartbreak hotel pronto.

Another friend with perfect prose wrote in an email:

I always thought of you as more of a hardened jaded (distinguished) girl who has seen and done it all. Now I see the emotional vulnerability behind that fierce mask – smoke and mirrors.

I had to ask myself: Do I really come off as that jaded? Maybe I do. And for the record, I consider myself more of a dame than a girl.

Maybe I am nuts to search for love on the ultimate island of lost souls, but I’m going to give it a shot.


Anonymous said...

Go ahead and grab love by the horns!!! It's out there, and some guy you are about to meet will be lucky to have finally found you!!!!

GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!! Ladies first!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree.Any guy would be lucky to have you.


Wow, so much love today for MM. Is it a full moon?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you as a person in search for love, as opposed to the blogger picking apart presidential candidates based on their drooping jowls. I like to think that this is who you really are!!!! Go and get him you bitch!!

Anonymous said...

Where's Bertha? Bertha, pipe up about your wet pussy or some other profane repulsive tranny details.

yougnomeme said...

Have fun with it! Finding love, that is. :)

riftgirl said...

I believe what I actually said was that I was shocked - after hearing your other pronouncements for the past five or so years - and that I thought it was great. ;-) But then again, you remarked recently how I'm starting to sound jaded on love for the first time since you've known me. And the folks here are right, any guy WOULD be lucky to date you.


Well, if MM is able to find love....let Bertha know......If that crazy bitch can find it, Maybe ol "Bertha Big Tits" can too!....HERE'S TO YOU MM.