Thursday, January 03, 2008


I am overjoyed that Hillary did not win last night.


Because as much as I love her as my New York senator, a recent CBS poll said that 47% of Americans disliked her - my own father said he would vote for anyone who ran against her.

Well, if the Dems want the big house back this year, it better be someone who can win.

My vote is for Barack Obama.


riftgirl said...

Yeah, it's certainly a bag of hot potatoes. On one had, I was a Hillary supporter. But on the other, if it's down to choosing the least of two evils - which it always is - then it's probably best to do whatever we can to ensure that the current residents are sent packing. But I for one am definitely not looking forward to listening to all the bigot talk with regard to Obama. For the supposed "land of the free," we sure seem to always be mired in some awfully murky waters.

yougnomeme said...

Free For The Taking:

One slightly well-used, somewhat broken suitcase.



What the hell does that mean?

Anonymous said...

As much as this country would like to believe they are ready for a woman or African American president I don't think we are.I am a little scared of what might happen if Obama does win.He might just be playing whitey and talking a good game to get the votes.I don't think Lincoln had a black president in mind when he freed the slaves.


I don't think America thinks of Obama as black - he's kinda like Oprah - colorless.

Anonymous said...

As long as he has Aunt Jamima Oprah on his side he is considered black.In all black people's eyes.They will do all they can to get those (black's) people to the polls on election day no matter what it takes.Why do you think Oprah had never backed any canidate before? because no black's have run before with the exception of Jesse Jackson.Only my opinion.

Anonymous said...

rather a blackie than oprah

i hate her

yougnomeme said...

The suitcase is offered to the current residents whom the riftgirl refers to in the first post.

"Yes" to Obama!