Monday, March 17, 2008


Last night, my friend and I were discussing sexual chemistry between two people. I mean, it's something you can't create - it's either there or it isn't, right?

But what happens when that person you have chemistry with has it with other people, too.

Let me explain:

I have a crush on a chickenhead - someone way too young and way too cute. I know he likes me - we've been fuck buddies for months. But I know he's seeing other people. I mean, when he's with me, he can't take his eyes off me, and we can talk endlessly about anything for hours.

But the real question is, how do you take a fuck buddy out of the bedroom and into real life? I mean, it's hard to sex someone up for months on end and not have any feelings for that person.

I guess I'm afraid to make the first move.


Anonymous said...

I am sure this topic has been addressed by Carrie on S+TC 5000 times. Sexual chemistry is an important part of any serious relationship, but chemistry alone does not a relationship make. There has to be more there. I think if there was more there, you would already be *dating* (not just blowing) each other.

Anonymous said...

He must remain just a fuck buddy. I have had one for years. I wouldn't take him out on a date. Fuck Buddies are just what the term implies.I agree with the first blogger.

Anonymous said...

How current are your serious dating skills outside of sex? You need to cultivate connections with people to whom you are sexually attracted, but not just giving it away if you know what I mean. A man likes the chase, and you need to be pursued. Didn't your momma teach anything? Why would a man commit to the relationship when he gets the protein shake for free?


Sad, but true, I have no dating skills. My last date was so horrible and boring, I slept with him just so we had something to do.

Anonymous said...

If you are bored why not end the night early? Like breeds like. Sex without attachment makes for more of the same. That's cool if it satisfies you, but if it satisfied you, you would not have posted this blog entry.