Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I couldn't resist.

Let me explain:

I happened to be in the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport this week - and I couldn't let the opportunity slip by without a visit to where Republican Senator Larry Craig met his fate. You see, I normally travel via the smaller HHH Terminal, so I've yet to pay a homage to the stall of hypocrisy.

Armed with my Canon Sureshot, I strode into the mensroom. I was surprised there wasn't a guard or anything - and the promised floor to ceiling walls between toilets were no where in sight. I guess you can still play footsie.

As I snapped away, no one paid me the slightest attention - except one man. He approached me outside the bathroom and gave me his email address - "Please," he said. "Send me a few of those pictures - I lack the balls to take them myself."

"What are you going to do with the photos?" I asked.

"I want to send them to my friend John Waters."

How appropriate - I emailed him the photos today.

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Anonymous said...

You are to funny. I don't find it surprising that you took a picture of a bathroom stall. You always did have a flare for the unusual picture.Love Ya Babe. Julie