Wednesday, May 28, 2008


In these times of economic woes, I've found a few stylish ways to cut costs without cutting out life's necessities.

Let me explain:

I love my Starbucks' Soy Lattes - yes, I do. However, I find the $5 daily cost a bit too steep, so I order a small plain coffee in a large cup. Large cup in hand, I mosey on over to the bar and fill the remaining half with soy milk for a makeshift latte.

The savings? $3.10.

Everyone knows I love my Black Bitches - I also love saying it to bartenders - but the price of a vodka/Coke combo can hover around $12 at most lounges. Well, I can't sit home every night, so now I order a draft beer - not only does it "butch" me up, but saves me around $6 per drink.

If anyone else has any stylish money saving tips, please pass them along.

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