Tuesday, May 13, 2008


She won big in West Virginia tonight, but big fucking deal. I mean, she's out and she knows it.

I love her quote she gave reporters this week:

"A woman is like a tea bag: You never know how strong she is until she's in hot water."

Well, she must be some strong ass tea.

They say there's no second acts in America, but I have feeling that won't hold true for Hillary Clinton.



Well, we will see, I think Obama will be a one term prez...whereas Hillary would get two. And if Obama wins, then afterward there will be more Republican rules....Anyway, there is no hope for Old Daddy McCain

Anonymous said...

Whoever gets the ticket gets my vote. I no longer care one way or the other. This long and drawn out fight has killed my passion for the Democratic Party's nomination, and I wish we could just swear someone from the left into office already.

Fuck these gas prices, fuck this war.
I am tired. Not apathetic, but I have lost interest.

Charlie Hobart said...

Hillary keeps moving the damn goal posts. First, it was victory on Super Tuesday (didn't happen). Then, it was "momentum" out of NC and Indy (didn't happen). Now, she's talking about popular votes in PUERTO FUCKING RICO.

But the real hypocrisy of the Clinton campaign is her desire to see the Florida and Michigan votes count, because it's all about "democracy," as she continually says. You know, every vote counts?

But since she can't win the popular vote even with FL and MI and must therefore rely on the Superdelegates to change course despite less votes, "democracy" no longer is her concern once things miraculously fall in her favor.

I'm I the only one who sees this as complete and utter bullshit from a once-powerful political machine brought to its knees by a rookie senator from her HOME STATE??