Thursday, June 19, 2008


I was out drinking last night.  

Oh, not that much, but a  few Black Bitches (vodka/Diet Coke) to wet the whistle and loosen the inhibitions.

I wasn't looking for love, but the bartender kept staring at me - he was cute in a "bearish" type of way - you know, tattoos, hairy and beefy.  He wasn't my type, but he kept my glass full and my face smiling with his jokes.

Later, he asked me out - but he had to tell me something:  He was transgendered.  

Transgendered?  I was shocked. The man was butcher than anyone in the neighborhood...well, I guess that wasn't saying much since it was Chelsea.  

Many of my friends are trannies, and I love them all, but a man with a vagina?  I mean, my life is confusing enough.

In the end, I gave him my number - we are going to the movies on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Oh my damn God!

riftgirl said...

Really? Can't wait to be talkin' this one over with you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I figured you to be a size queen (don't know why, just got that impression from reading your blog).
How will you make due with a snatch?

Anonymous said...

I want you to fall in mad desperate love with him, and then see that dude pregnant with your baby on the cover of Life + Style magazine. DO it!!!


Maybe I could be on Oprah!

Anonymous said...

Christ on a cracker. Please tell me you made this up? A movie date, too?

Anonymous said...

I have heard some amazing stories from you over the years...But this one takes the cake. Honey let me know how this one plays out. Love Julie

Anonymous said...

my email is back dear, and by the way, it was lauren hutton that said "i conned me a beauty i conned you all"....knew you wouldnt get it