Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I'm having a Heart moment.

I hated these girls in the 1980's, but lately, their sappy metal power ballads - "Alone", "What About Love" and "These Dreams" - are making me smile. I also adore watching their dreadful videos on youtube. I mean, was their wardrobe, hair and makeup team on crack? I've never seen so much eyeliner, purple hair, leopard print and lace outfits in my entire life - not even in a Cher video!

I also love how the director is forever trying to shield the obesity of lead singer Ann Wilson. In one video, she was only seen in a cropped - no chins - face shot in a video screen next to the stage. In another video, a wide-angle lens is used to stretch her body; and in yet another attempt, the hairstylist glued her long hair extensions to her chubby cheeks to minimize the width of her wide face. If all else failed, the director would blur her out with artful dark lighting or use a body double. And if the group was ever shown on stage, it was from far, far away and Ann was dressed in a head-to-toe black coat.

Of course, Ann's vocally challenged - but thin and blond - sister, is all over the videos in skimpy outfits pretending to sing.

I've read that the sisters' hated making these videos - and I don't blame them, but they are my new guilty pleasures.


Anonymous said...

I have always love Heart.80's music rocks.

riftgirl said...

Oh, I HEART Heart! But I'm kinda surprised that you've even heard of them - considering you just graduated high school in '03.


That is true - but you got the date wrong - I graduated in '02, but I'm a sucka for the 80's.

I will never forget when I worked with a photographer who had shot a pic of Ann and Nancy backstage in the 80s - and Ann looked HUGE and nothing like the video image - I then knew the power of powder and paint as well as smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Ya right 1903 maybe!!!!!


I love my ann and nance....they are titt floppers like me!