Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The current New Yorker Magazine cover is disgusting. I mean, does anyone other than a Republican think this is funny?

Mark my words, the Republicans play dirty, and they will be pushing the Muslim envelope big time as the race heats up. Much like Bush cronies did in the 2000 Republican primaries (making phone calls to Republicans insinuating that old daddy McCain had a black child), McCain cronies will be making similar phone calls to Democrats insinuating Obama is a Muslim.

Let's hope Obama doesn't get sunk by this swift boat.


Baxter said...

Republicans play dirty? So do Democraps. In fact, politics is a dirty game. It's worse than football, rugby, and mixed martial arts combined.

But a CARTOON in a liberally biased publication depicting a Presidential Candidate as a Muslim that draws ire against the Right is absolutely fuckin' adsurd. Did you, OR, happen to hear any bitching from Republicans when the New Yorker came out HIGHLY in favor of John Kerry in the 2004 race? Have you seen ANY of the countless anti-Republican, or anti-Conservative cartoons it's printed? I bet you have. Yet, have you seen any indignation toward those from a Conservative? I bet you haven't. At least not on a nationally public scale like what we're witnessing now.

This simply displays the fact that political correctness should ALWAYS be heeded by the Right. Meanwhile the wro...(I'm sorry I mean the left) is free to go willy-nilly slinging bullshit accusations against the Republican in the spotlight at the moment, and all will be forgiven by the Socialist Press of the major networks (I can't believe I called MSNBC a "major network") of the USA.

The New Yorker is a LIBERAL magazine. It's published pictures of President Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clit-on, and both President GHW Bush, and President GW Bush that were meant in HUMOR. And the only folks who EVER bitched about those were libs.

And you call this piece "Nasty Politics"? The magazine is LIBERAL, I tell ya! No matter how badly you want to blame the Republicans for this fuckin' hilarious cartoon, you can't! Even libs come up with something good on occasion.


Ohhhh fuck off yaaaaa dumb Baxter

Baxter said...

Ohhhh Bertha from Vegas, nice use of the English language. And thank you for illustrating my point!


To Baxter - You don't call the swift boat incident playing dirty? I mean, how dare Bush and his cronies attack a man (Kerry) who served his country in a dangerous war when they (Bush, Cheney and others) were all draft dodgers - come on, that's a joke.

Republicans are assholes plain and simple.

Baxter said...

No, I don't consider the Swift Boat incident playing dirty. As a public figure running for the highest office in the nation, you shouldn't expect to be immune from your personal history. You ask "How dare Bush and his cronies attack a man...". Well...DUH! It would have been much worse if Bush had actually HAD a hand in the attacks, but Bush didn't. The folks who REALLY made the "attacks" on Kerry were Vietnam veterans who served with Kerry. Bush even asked that the Swift Boat Vets not push the issue! Do you happen to recall that, OR?

The fact remains fairly clear that Kerry lied about his military service, anyway. At least two of Kerry's three Purple Heart medals were based upon fictitious accounts created by the Ivy League educated, son of a liberal congressman himself. Rear Admiral William Schachte (ret) was, on the same detail as Kerry when Kerry misfired an explosive at retreating enemy forces. The shrapnel from Kerry's error "injured" Kerry on the forarm. He waited a full 24 hours before reporting to the infirmary, where he was asked by the attending doctor "Why are you here?" The doctor pulled the small fragment of shrapnel from Kerry's arm with a pair of twezzers, and reported it was no more than 3 or 4 cm into the arm. Oh, he also gave Kerry a band-aid.

Kerry applied for a purple heart, yet was denied by his commanding officer at the time. Two or more months later, Kerry re-applied for the purple heart to a completely different officer, who was completely unrelated to the incident.

The fact of the matter is that Kerry lied to get two of the medals. That's an undisputed fact. To recieve a purple heart, you MUST be injured by enemy fire, or your injury MUST be caused while in combat with the enemy. This is NOT an instance where combat was in play. Kerry's wound was declaired "self-inflicted" in official Army documents. The Silver Star, for appearant "bravery under fire", is also suspect by all military concensus. It's true that Kerry DID rescue a Special Forces (I think he was a Green Beret) soldier from a river after he had been blown overboard, but by most accounts of the incident it was NOT during a firefight. The fighting was over by the time Kerry bravely reached over the side, and pulled the guy out of the water.

John Kerry signed up for a 4-year tour in the Army. One year of which, during the Vietnam War, was to be spent in Vietnam. He was there for less than five months, "won" three purple hearts (at least two were fabricated), and was discharged back to the States. Kerry has continued to refuse public access to his military file. PRESIDENT George W. Bush has made all of his military file public, however. He served in the Texas Air National Guard, which was a perfectly acceptable choice during the Vietnam conflict. Kerry had his eye on the Presidency even in 1967. Bush did not. But it turns out America made the right choice in 2004. Any questions?

Anonymous said...

Who is this Baxter? He sure is long winded.

Baxter said...

I'M Baxter, anonymous. And sometimes you have to be long winded when you're explaining simple shit to idiots. Or, as you prefer to call them: liberals.


The fact of the matter is Bush avoided the draft and went AWOL and failed to show up for his service in Alabama - and he has yet to clarify where he was during this time.

The fact is Kerry went to war.

Case closed.

As for you Baxter, you are like many Republican hypocrites - you vote for a party that discriminates against gays and trannies, yet you sleep with trannies. Honey, you're fucked up. Go back to your stall, Mr. Craig.

Baxter said...

Huh? Ask Rift-Girl if I've ever slept with a tranny. She happens to be the only TG Lady I know.

As for Bush going AWOL: Uh-uh. He didn't. That's a liberal fantasy. Kerry opted out of 'Nam with self-inflicted wounds, so he actually came closer to going AWOL than President Bush did. Learn your facts before challenging me.


The facts are simple - Bush went AWOL and never saw combat - Kerry went to war. Those are the facts. Anything else that happened on either party is speculation and hearsay.

Baxter said...

OR, you actually haven't got a clue as to what the facts are. You simply listened to Dan Rather's lunitic rantings about Bush, and took them for the gospel. Remember why he was fired by CBS? Because he made shit up about Bush. The final thing I'll say on this topic is that America is still America with Bush as President. If Kerry had weaseled his way into taking the White House in '04, much the same as Gore attempted in 2000, there's no telling how bad off America would be. Time and again America has prospered under conservative Presidents, yet fallen into national crises with a liberal at the helm. This nation was built on the dream of a free society with minimal government control. Democratic politicians of the last 50 to 60 years, for the most part, want each citizen to be reliant on the government. That's socialism, not freedom. Republican politicians want to help the citizen to help themselves. In other words, to become self-reliant. Bush's tax cuts, and the stellar job his administration has done securing our borders from another 9/11 are but two examples of his pledge to America. I admit there are several areas where his approach is lacking, but he's attempted to appease the left in the House and Senate. I deal in this realm almost daily in my "9 to 5", so I understand what's going on. You can argue, but you'll be wrong.


Bush's approval rating is the lowest of any president in history.

As for fiscal responsibility, well, when Clinton entered office he inherited old daddy's Bush's huge deficit and he managed to pay if off and leave G. W. with a huge surplus - now we owe trillions, don't we?

As for Gore, he won the popular vote - it was only the Republican court that gave Bush the election - and that doesn't even take into account all the illegal things the Florida Republicans did to keep Dems from the polls.

Baxter said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk O R. You forgot to mention states like Oregon, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania, (and a few others I don't recall) where voter fraud was suspected, but never investigated by the GOP since we already knew we had it won on election night.

Oregon's a really interesting case study due to the high volume of liberals in the Willamette Vally (Eugene-Portland), and the high number of Conservatives east of the Cascades (God's Country). All votes are mail-in ballots in Oregon, and it's left to the liberals to count the votes. A prime area for voter fraud.

Please, let's not confuse "fiscal responsibility" with "liberal press". Clit-on actually didn't really pay the deficite down very much as you proclaim. He did make quite a sum by selling our nuclear secrets to the Chinese, but his primary avenue of reducing the deficit was to create millions of minimum wage jobs allowing the liberal press to tell Americans how well they were doing under his regime! Most of these new minimum wage workers, at least in the western USA, had previously been employed in agricultural pursuits like logging. THOSE were well paying jobs, indeed. By signing into legislation NAFTA, Clit-on devestated the livestock industry with the swipe of his pen. Yes, unemployment was lower than previously. The cost of living continued to rise however, and many families saw thier standard of living decrease substantially.

As you're prone to say: Mark my words that Bush will be vindicated by history, and slick willy will be admonished, but not very nicely. It's already becomming apparent to those with open eyes. And who do they poll for these approval ratings? I've never been asked. Have you? I think liberal outlets ask other liberals what thier opinions are while they're waiting for thier government check to come in. Conservatives (Republicans) are usually at work when these supposed pollsters are out. Those are the facts.


Baxter - the polls don't lie. Plain and simple, Bush has the lowest - the absolute lowest - approval rating of any president in history. Even when the hypocrite Republicans went after Clinton, Clinton's approval ratings were sky high. Face facts dude, Bush will go down in history as a buffoon.

Baxter said...

Polls, schmolls. They don't mean squat when it comes right down to it. Kerry was up by as much as 12 points in the polls, but the electorate had sense when it came down to the real deal. If you're going to live your life by what some other dipshit thinks, then you'll be in for a rude awakening, OR. And "Mark my words", history will vindicate President George W. Bush. It may be difficult for the libs to see right now, and I'm sure they'll ALWAYS proclaim Bush to be a dunce, but this man will go down in history as one of our greatest leaders. Clit-on will always be foder for the late night talk hosts, however. That'll be HIS legacy.

I think you're giving up on this discussion. You're running out of topics you think you're correct about, since you seem to be beating the same dead horse that liberals adhere to.

If you want to talk hypocrisy, look in the mirror.

Jeffrey said...

You Republicans always think your dunce presidents will be remembered fondly - Nixon is still considered a failure and an embarassament.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jeffrey.


Bush is a baffoon - and he will be remembered as such in the chronicles of history.

Baxter said...

President Bush is a stand-up guy, OR. He does what he says. Unlike the last two screwed up democraps we've had in office.

And Jeffery? Are you fuckin' retarded? Did you even read the original post??? Nixon wasn't what it was talking about, dipshit!! But since you took it there, President Nixon's ONLY mistake concerning Watergate (or his Presidency, in general) was to authorize the break-in. During the Nixon administration the United States was actually winning the conflict in Vietnam (which, by the way, was a democratic contrived falacy) by reducing the democratic congressional restrictions placed on OUR fighting forces! The stagnant economy between Johnson, and Carter was significantly reduced during Nixon's tenure. So, as you can see if you open your eyes, democrates are NOT capable of governing a free market society. If you're so fond of socialism, go live somewhere in Europe.

The only folks who see Republicans as fools are the idiot liberals ie: Social Progressives. NONE of you have a clue as to what it takes to be in charge of the most prosperous nation in the history of mankind. B Hussain Obama will probably be our next President. And "mark my words", OR, if you think stuff is messed up now, just wait a couple of years.