Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2000 FAGS ON A BOAT 2008

Enough politics for this week.

I recently returned from my big gay cruise 2008. Yes, 2000 fags sailed from London to Barcelona with stops in Paris, Bilbao, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, La Coruna, Spain, Cadiz, Spain and the party island of Ibiza.

The boat departed from Harwich, England - about two hours up the coast from London. We stayed in London for a few days at the urban lodge Hoxon Hotel - www.hoxtonhotels.com - in London's new hip area Shoreditch, which is often compared to my East Village neighborhood in NYC - bars, restaurants and art galleries on every corner.

Late one night we went to a club called Pop Stars, which was packed with skinny trendy gay boys in skinny trousers and skinny ties- and I do mean boys, because I don't think anyone was over the age of 17. I mean, I have never felt so old or so fat in my life, but the music was loud and Kylie-oriented....I drank way too much alcohol infused apple cider and danced until 5 AM. We left dripping with sweat and soon stuffed our faces with greasy fish and chip platters. Since the Underground (subway) closes at 12 AM, and cabs were nowhere to be found, we had to hike to Trafalgar Square to catch a night bus. Believe me, sitting on top of a big red double-decker bus with the streets pretty much deserted made for a wonderful and magical ride back to the hotel.

Other highlights included a visit to the V&A museum to see the Diana Ross and the Supremes Gowns exhibit, which was fabulous as well as fagulous. Also, the bizarre Harrods’s tribute to Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed is a must see. Located next to the escalators - his father owns Harrods’s - the tribute is both morbid and camp.


Baxter said...

"Enough politics for this week"? Stick with this theme, OR. You ain't got a clue when it comes to the political spectrum.

C'mon, say something else. Just give me a reason.


why don't you go back to sexing trannies.