Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Everyone knows I don't like children.

And I really don't like children that scream and have meltdowns in public areas - no, I'm sorry Mr. and Mrs. Parent, I don't find your child's screams and tantrums funny or cute, nor do I think your child is the smartest thing since Albert Einstein.

Funny thing is, I just got back from three weeks in Europe where I didn't witness a single child scream or have a meltdown.

Why is that?

The children in Europe are well-behaved -and the parents seem to genuinely love and enjoy them, which in my opinion, makes for a child who doesn't scream or have meltdowns. So many parents in America seem to have children out of boredom or out of loneliness or out of laziness - not good reasons to have a child. Also, parents in America seem to be on a never ending circle of play dates, hockey practice, ballet recitals... so much activity that the kids are not only exhausted, but feel deprived of their parent's attention and love.

Just my opinion.



Honey who does like kids? nobody, why do you think I have just two....TITS!!! hahah, enough kids for me....when you gonna tell us about your fag trip?


I am working on it now, my dear - lots of fag stories to tell.

Anonymous said...

Parents don't discipline their children because they are afraid of being hauled off to jail. All it takes is for one passerby to see you spank your child and off to jail you could go. I say bring back the old days when you got a spanking where ever you where if you acted up. When adults could be adults and children were treated as children.

Baxter said...

I agree with anonymous. Raise your children with conservative values, and not these idiotic liberal malapropisms. This'll be a better world if you do.