Friday, September 26, 2008


The race is close.

I am begging all undecided voters to really look at what a vote for old daddy McCain would mean. My degree is in journalism, which means I have numerous schoolmates working the media beat in DC, and word on the street is that old daddy McCain has one foot in the grave.

What does that mean besides a state funeral?

Sarah - "I shoot wolves from helicopters" - Palin as President of the United States - that's what it means!

This is a woman who believes that looking at Russia from her front door qualifies her as a foreign policy expert. 

This is a woman who named her kids Track and Trig - I'm sure the next one will be named Budweiser. 

Even Laura - "My glazed look is from huge amounts of Valium" - Bush has told reporters that Palin lacks foreign policy experience - "but she's a quick learn."

Is this who we really want for president?

Let's all dodge a bullet and vote for Obama.

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