Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Okay, I admit I don't quite understand this bailout thing - but I do understand that if Wall Street fails, so does Main Street USA.

I know many Americans want the Fat Cats of Wall Street to suffer their own fate, but if they fall, so will the rest of us - and hard.

Suze Orman - who I love even though she ignored me when I said hello to her on 13th street last year - said on CNN that no matter what happens, the USA economy will not get back on track until 2015.

I guess I will have to keep painting pusses until I keel over.


Baxter said...

O.R., you have Barney Frank to thank for your impending demise.

Oh, I'm sorry! Go ahead and pick the Republican of your choice (if it makes you feel better) while on your deathbed.


Why would I be on my deathbed? Obama is gonna sweep the election and put your type out to pasture.

Baxter said...

Well, you're the one who said you'll have to keep painting cats (or cunts) until you die. It's just so hard to tell what a liberal means to say these days.

But I have a boding dread that you're right about B. Hussain (the "a" IS intentional) becomming the next President. I hope I'm wrong, and I'll do everything in my power to make me wrong, but the McCain/Palin ticket has just made too many errors in the recents days to win the public confidence. And as you know, the "public" can be pretty fuckin' stupid! I mean, just look at the liberally biased media. It absolutley astounds me that any rational Amrican citizen can believe anything comming from CBS, NBC, ABC, or CNN. And FOX only has about a 1-5 believeability curve.

The media has bastardized this election cycle. Just give things a few months after B. Hussain get's the nod. Then you'll hate him, too. In four years either B. Hussain will be gone, or the Earth will be gone.


The reasons I have to keep painting pusses is because of Bush and his cronies - I mean, let's just state the facts - all of this happened under Bush's watch and his approval rating (27%) is the lowest of any president - EVER! These are the facts.

Now you are calling the "public" stupid because they are not thinking/responding the way you desire them to. It always astounds me the conservatives keep spouting the same old crap when the nation wants a change.

Baxter said...

Remember that line from "Men in Black" when Tommy Lee Jones says: "A PERSON is smart, PEOPLE are stupid" (I know that was a paraphrase, but I hope you're capable of comprehension)?

Get the meaning there, OR? A PERSON is able to rationalize a situation, but a mass exodus of rational thought from PEOPLE causes hysteria, and sometimes in biblical proportions. This normally occurs when a group contains many less than intelligent individuals, who are the "cry wolf" types. In this case, the "mass exodus of rational thought" has been caused by the liberal media ramping up thier hatred of President Bush to a level never before seen. This, in turn, causes the INDIVIDUAL who doesn't actually have a grasp on the future we're facing with a B. Hussain Presidency to fall in line behind the OTHER sheep (liberals)! This is the reason President Bush's approval ratings are as low as they are. You can blame the liberal media for thier positively anti-American, venomous attacks.

Now, if the media were to be transported back to 1943 and act this way, they'd be tried for treason. THAT is how far we've come since the "Greatest Generation". B. Hussain, if elected, will be the role model for the "Weakest Generation". I'll continue to explain some of the reasons why that's true.

Number 1: B Hussain claims he'll raise the taxes to 75% on the top 5% of income earners. Sounds good in theory, but the top 5% happen to be the EMPLOYERS of a good portion of the bottom 95%. What happens when you, personally, begin to lose 25-30% of your personal income? You cut back on spending, right? You buy less, or cheaper goods. You might cut back on entertainment venues. What do you think these top 5% in earnings corporations are gonna do? They're gonna fucking cut back on spending!!! How? By laying people off. By producing less of thier product, which is often times hurting the consumer. But it won't matter at this point because the consumer can't afford to buy the product, anyways!

Wanna know what I think B. Hussain is doing? He's saying whatever it takes to get elected. He want's so desperately to be the first black President that he's willing to sell his soul for this. Within 6 months of him being sworn in he'll retract on 3/4 of the promises that got him elected.

Of course, with Democraps in control of both houses of congress for the next 2 years, he might just do what he says he'll do. If THAT happens, the United States of America will no longer be the "Land of the Free". We'll just be living in another socialist society, where the distribution of wealth is commonplace. Either way we're fucked.

Vote McCain/Palin.

I rethought my arguement concerning B. Hussain's stance on the war in the middle east, so I won't even bother bringing that up here. But just so you know, he's wrong on that, too.


"I can see Alaska from my house!"


Well, let me handle this:

The trickle down theory never works - I mean, Bush gave the top 5% a huge tax break and look what happened - the biggest recession of my generation.

As for the media, two can play at your game. How do you explain how the media dogged Clinton with the Monica thing? I mean, they were relentless - even Hillary blamed it on the right wing conspiracy.

I would love to hear what you think of Sarah -"When Putin rears his head" Palin.

Baxter said...

Bush gave EVERYBODY an equal percentage tax cut. If you made more money than your next door neighbor, then you got a larger tax cut. If the guy down the road made more money than you did, then HE got a larger tax cut. How fuckin' hard is that to understand? Do I actually have to physically draw you a picture??

So, in essence, "trickle down" works one helluvalot better than B Hussain's "trickle up" theory. He's pushing socialism! Can't you see that?

The media did NOT "dog" Clit-on about the Monica Lewinsky thing. Congress was bound by oath to follow through with the investigation, trial, and verdict. The majority of the major media really did attempt to ignor what was going on to an enormous extent. FOX News was the ONLY station to air the entire trial.

And since you're soooo fixed on "facts", Monica-gate ain't even in the same ballpark as what the liberal media has been doing to Palin. It's not even comparable, and if you are unable to admit to THAT truth, then there's no way you can play at "my game". Even if you do admit to the truth, you're still unfit to play at "my game". You just ain't smart enough to play in "my league", O.R.

Baxter said...

Oh yeah; That's a fact.


Anybody who uses the work "ain't" isn't in my game. Why no comment on Sarah - "I can see Russian from my house" - Palin? Do you really think she is ready to lead the free world?

Baxter said...

Then let's talk about blo biden, and his gaffs.

I'll be back in a couple of days, OR. And you ain't wantin' none of this intalektuul cumbattent shit. Not wit' me, you ain't. I'll kick yer ass.

Anonymous said...

I never received a Bush tax cut..Does Baxter mean that piddly 600.00 dollars? What country does Baxter live in? If anything in the past 8 Years my taxes & property taxes have risen and my property values dropped 1,300.00.
Baxter get your head out of your ass and smell the coffee. And I ain't shitin you!!!

Baxter said...

Hey anonymous: Pull YOUR head outta the ass of the guy in front of ya! The federal government doesn't collect property taxes, dipshit. That's left to the county level, so I wonder where you might live? You can look up what your local officials party affiliations were for the last 8 years. In some cases the state can collect on property taxes, so I'm betting you live in a blue state.

The fed collects on income taxes, period. If you stay in your house and only go to work, the ONLY check you'll have to write to the federal government (Republican, OR Democrat) will be for the income you've aquired over the year.

In closing, I just want to explain to you once more to look at your state, and local officials if your property taxes have gone up $1300 in the last 8 years. President Bush hasn't had anything to do with that, you fucking half-wit.

Anonymous said...

Baxter....Bite me and all the bloggers on this blog you dumb ass republican shit for brains.