Monday, April 17, 2006


Things that make me go hmmmm or things that rattle my cage.

Why do some Jewish women – I think Hasidic – shave their heads, yet wear hideous wigs in public? I mean, if you’re gonna shave your head for some religious reason, fine and dandy, but then why wear fake hair? I don’t get it.

Why does milk taste so good with chocolate chip cookies?

Why are there so many fat kids?

Why do overweight Puerto Rican women with bad orangey highlights wear so much cheap perfume? The other day I was caught in a lift with one of these monsters and I almost passed out.

Why do mothers today have baby carriages the size of small cars? I mean, these things resemble covered wagons and take up half the sidewalk. I ask you: What the hell is in these things?

When did Trader Joes on 14th Street turn into a nightclub? The lines at the door are so long that a snotty doorman has been hired to choose who gets in and who doesn’t. I guess the ghosts of the Paladium nightclub - the former residents - are still around.

Why is it we can have 10,000 songs on our ipod and still have nothing to listen to?

Why do older gay men love Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli and Bette Midler? For a group that loves beauty, these three would make Helen Keller thankful she was blind.


rift girl said...

I think you answered your own fat kid question with the milk and cookies one above it, darling.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Hassidic women shave their heads under their wigs. The wear the wigs as only their spouses are allowed to see their own natural beauty. Actually, after years of wearing these wigs, their own hair is very sparse and stringy.